Past the Point of No Return: A Qualitative Study of the Views and Experiences of Men with Hemophilia Regarding Mobility, Balance and Falls

This article was originally published here Disable rehabilitation. October 15, 2021: 1-9. doi: 10.1080 / 09638288.2021.1988731. Online ahead of print. ABSTRACT OBJECTIVE: The life expectancy of people with hemophilia increases with improved medical care. This improvement is accompanied by the comorbidities of aging, which include musculoskeletal degeneration and the associated effect on proprioception and balance. […]

Miss Universe Philippines Facebook page briefly shows people betting money – contest page

Miss Universe Philippines 2021 logo (Miss Universe Philippines / Facebook) The official Facebook page of Miss Universe Philippines reportedly broadcast a live feed of a group of unidentified individuals betting money on Wednesday night, according to a page focusing on the contest. Recorded clips of the supposed live stream were posted by accounts and pages […]

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