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Uttarakhand police have arrested 11 people in three separate incidents for alleged involvement in online betting during the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL). Four of them were arrested in Ambala while the rest were held in state custody, police said.

After arresting the defendants, the police recovered a total of approximately Rs 6.20 lakh.

Of the 11 people, four were arrested by Dehradun police in Ambala town as part of their ongoing investigation.

On Saturday, Dehradun police dismantled an interstate online betting racket and recovered 25 lakh in rupees.

Shweta Chaubey, police superintendent of Dehradun (town) said: “The four defendants identified as Ankit Jaiswal and Ankush Jaiswal (the two brothers), Gagan and Himamshu were arrested in the town of Ambala on the basis of information from the one of the defendants arrested on Saturday. ”

“The four had gone to Ambala to collect money from their customers in the interstate online betting racket. They were arrested at a hotel after being briefed by informants, ”Chaubey said.

She informed that the police also recovered money worth Rs 5.48 lakh, 22 cell phones, two cars and other items.

“They were brought to Dehradun and brought before the local court which sent them to jail,” Chaubey said.

Meanwhile, police also arrested seven other people including four in Nagar in the United States and three in Almora for betting on IPL.

Daleep Singh Kunwar, Chief Superintendent of Police, US Nagar, said: “Police arrested the four defendants on Saturday night at a hotel on the basis of a whistleblower denunciation where they were betting online.

Kunwar added: “Police recovered Rs 42,000 worth of money and three cell phones.”

In the other incident, police arrested three other people from a snooker club in Almora where they were betting online on IPL matches. The police recovered them money worth Rs 31,000 as well as some cell phones.

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