Month: June 2021

Best Bk Online Betting Site

[ad_1] The UK is one of the many countries in Europe that regulates online gambling. This includes online poker, casino games, and sports betting. Bettors may feel comfortable acting on sites that adhere to the strict licensing process established by the UK Gambling Commission. Funds deposited at these sites are just as safe as they […]

Sportsbook Money in Florida Would Fund Education Under Proposed Constitutional Amendment

[ad_1] Directing gambling money to public education convinced Florida voters to sign a state lottery more than three decades ago. Now, the sports betting giants are banking on a similar strategy to legalize sports betting across the state, which could undo the cornerstone of a $ 2.5 billion deal recently reached by Governor Ron DeSantis […]

Single-event sports gambling will become legal in Canada with the passage of Bill C-218 in the Senate

[ad_1] Betting on single matches of football, hockey and other sports is about to become legal in Canada. The Senate approved Bill C-218, a private member’s bill that amends the Criminal Code provisions relating to gambling on single sports games – currently illegal except for horse racing – in the aim to win back customers […]

Which online betting action could generate higher returns?

[ad_1] Online betting actions are becoming more and more popular among investors as more and more US states legalize online betting. The United States Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act 2 (PASPA) three years ago, and a new sentiment towards online betting is slowly spreading in the United States. According […]

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