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KANSAS CITY, MO – JANUARY 23: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) heads the ball during the AFC Divisional Round Playoff game against the Buffalo Bills on January 23, 2022 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire)

The NFL season is fast approaching! The pre-season is over and the rosters have been reduced to 53 players. Now, we’re just waiting for the Buffalo Bills game against the Los Angeles Rams which kicks off on Thursday, September 8. You have already placed your bets on total wins, your Super Bowl winners and your favorite team on wins.

Now is the time to get a little crazy and a little different with some fun “seasonal specials” betting. We’re all looking for that extra fun thing to watch, cheer on, and show our friends “look at this crazy bet I made!” So here they are.

Best special bets of the 2022 NFL season:

First quarterback with 5 touchdown passes in a game

Josh Allen +400
Justin Herbert +500
Patrick Mahomes +500
Russell Wilson +500
Tom Brady +500
matt ryan +600
Aaron Rodgers +700
Dak Prescott +800
Matthew Stafford +800

Our friends at WynnBET (Bet $100 on WynnBET and get a $1,000 free bet) offer this fun accessory. Five different quarterbacks have thrown for five touchdowns in 2021, with Patrick Mahomes completing the feat twice. James Winston was the first to do so, opening the first week of the season with a stunning 38-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Tom Brady then continued to do so into the second week.

Pick: Patrick Mahomes (+500)

If I’m going to pick one of the guys up the board. Patrick is just too good to pass up. He is the only player to have done so twice last year. Tyreek Hill is gone. However, Travis Kelce is still there, Ju Ju Smith Schuster was added to the team, and deep-court threat Marques Valdez-Scantling also joined the team in the offseason.

Without a fixed star that returns and the path, Andy Reid likes to cook motion shovel passes. A Week 1 game against the Cardinals and Week 2 on Thursday night against the Chargers. Both games should have high totals and explosive offenses if he’s unable to do so in week one; the second week presents another great opportunity.

The Longshot: lamar jackson (+5000)

In 2016 lamar jackson won the Heisman Trophy in college. Three years later, in 2019, Jackson was the NFL MVP. Three years later, it’s 2022; now it’s time for Jackson to make that 50/1 bet and win us some cash! During this 2019 MVP season, Jackson played three games in which he threw 5 touchdown passes. One of them was Week 1, and another was against the New York Jets. In the first week of this season, the Ravens face those same New York Jets.

The Jets had a good draft in April, and that’s about it. They seem like a dumpster fire from a team that probably starts the former Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco in the first week. Jackson is looking to return to MVP form as he negotiates to become the highest-paid player in NFL history. At 50/1, there is too much value in these odds.

Last undefeated team:

LA +700 chargers
Rams LA +750
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +800
Buffalo Tickets +800
Green Bay Packers +900
San Francisco 49ers +1100
Denver Broncos +1200
Philadelphia Eagles +1400

In 2021, the Arizona Cardinals started the season in red. 6-0 to open it before a 24-21 loss to the Green Bay Packers that ended in the last second of the game. In 2020, the Pittsburgh Steelers surprised everyone by starting the season 11-0 before losing four of their last five games this season. The last time the team that was the last undefeated team won the Super Bowl was in 2006 when the Indianapolis Colts started the year 9-0 en route to the title.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles (+1400)

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen some somewhat unexpected teams like the last undefeated. Here is the case of the Philadelphia Eagles. Jalen hurts enters year two as a full-time starter with a loaded offense. AJ Brown was brought in after a blockbuster trade on draft night. Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce are back to anchor the offensive line. Darius Kill, Cox Fletcherand others are on an improved defensive side of the ball.

The Eagles’ 2022 schedule is the third-easiest of the 32 teams, according to CBS.COM. Opening the season for the Detroit Lions as 4-point favorites, Week 2 is a tougher game against the Minnesota Vikings. An anticipation line has the Eagles as 2.5-point favorites in this one. If they can get past Minnesota, it’s the commanders in Washington they’ll want to prove why they quit. Carson Wentz by showing it.

The Jacksonville Jaguars come to town in Week 4; while I’m higher on them, this should be another easy win for the Eagles. In week five, the team travels to Arizona to face the Cardinals. Arizona should prove to be a tough opponent, but if the Eagles can get past them, it’s the Cowboys, Steelers, Texans, Commanders and Colts.

At 9-0, the Eagles are then put through a series of tough games with the Packers and then the Titans. 9-0 seems to be good enough to be the last unbeaten. Given their odds (14/1) and their schedule, the Philadelphia Eagles seem to be the bet that makes the most sense.

Last team without a win:

Houston Texans +350
Atlanta Falcons +450
New York Jets +700
Seattle Seahawks +1000
Detroit Lions +1000
Chicago Bear +1100

Now let’s go to the other side of the map and look at the bad teams. Which team will go the longest time without winning a match? In 2021, the Detroit Lions went 0-9-1 before finally picking up a win over the Minnesota Vikings on Dec. 5. In 2020 the Jets started 0-13, in 2019 the Cincinnati Bengals started the season 0-11. Who will have the worst start to the 2022 season?

Pick: New York Jets (+700)

I’ve already said above that I’m not impressed with the New York Jets this year. At the same time, they had a great draft hooking three players in the first round, CB Sauce Gardner, WR Garrett Wilson and DE Jermaine Johnson. In addition to RB Breece Hall in the second round. They are excellent building blocks. But the overall product for the jets didn’t seem to improve.

second-year QB Zach Wilson suffered a meniscus injury and a bone bruise in his knee during a pre-season game. After struggling in his rookie season and now missing a critical moment to prepare for the season. Out for the first week against the Ravens and probably even longer. The team will be an aging veteran Joe Flaccothe hands of at the moment.

The 2022 season begins with this game against the Ravens. Week two sends the Jets to Cleveland to face the Browns. Although the Browns have their issues, they should still be the better team, even without a suspended QB Deshaun Watson. The Bengals made the Super Bowl last year; then it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh should have a pretty solid team, even with questions at quarterback. Their coaching more than makes up for any lack there.

The Dolphins arrive in New Jersey in Week 5. If the Dolphins can survive the Jets, the Packers and Broncos are much better next. The Patriots have owned the Jets, winning 34 of the last 44 games against them since 2000. The Buffalo Bills’ week nine should be one of the best teams in the NFL. Week 10 is again against the Patriots, then the Bears, Vikings and Bills.

The Jets will most likely be the underdogs in all of these games. Game 14 of the season against the Lions could very well be the first time we see the Jets with a chance to win. I would also take the team with the worst regular season record (+900).

Team with the highest score in the regular season:

Buffalo Tickets +550
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +800
LA +800 chargers
Kansas City Chiefs +850
Rams LA +1100
Denver Broncos +1200
Dallas Cowboys +1200

In 2021, the Dallas Cowboys led the league in scoring, totaling 530 points throughout the regular season. Tampa Bay was second with 511, the Bills scored 483 and the Chiefs scored 480.

The pick: Kansas City Chiefs (+850)

This Chiefs team is underrated. Tyreek Hill leaves town, and all of a sudden, everyone is acting like the sky has fallen. Offensive genius Andy Reid and playmaker extraordinaire Patrick Mahomes went nowhere. The Cowboys were playing from behind a lot and trying to score to follow. Last year’s pace is not reasonable to expect from this team again this year.

Tampa Bay has serious question marks with the odd absence of Tom Brady, the loss via free agency and injuries to their offensive line. Gronk retired and chris godvin is a matter of injury. The Buffalo Bills seem to be the biggest rivalry with the Chiefs, and the teams were within 3 points of each other last year.

Offensive coordinator Brain Daboll left the Bills to take the chief job with the Giants. If it’s a toss up between these two, give me Reid, Mahomes and the best odds.


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