BitcoinZ listed in, the most popular swapping bot for Discord with its Royal Swap feature

BitcoinZ is listed in

BITCOINZ Community Social Media Profiles

BITCOINZ Community Social Media Profiles

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BITCOINZ Pure Cryptocurrency Fundamentals and its Fixes for BITCOIN Flaws

BITCOINZ Pure Cryptocurrency Fundamentals and its Fixes for BITCOIN Flaws makes the BitcoinZ Discord server more interactive than ever, its users can now tip and exchange cryptos while they communicate with each other

Swap Bots are like mini DEX services that allow users to trade their cryptocurrencies. Royal Swap bot is now available in the BitcoinZ Discord & BTCZ is among the assets with the lowest % fees »


LONDON, KNIGHTSBRIDGE, UK, Sept. 9, 2022 / — BitcoinZ is listed in, the most popular tipping bot for Discord with its Royal Swap feature.

BitcoinZ is a truly community-based cryptocurrency project where every decision is made after proposals and voting procedures in the project forum.

A special tribute to Pancrypto, moderator of the BitcoinZ Discord server, who submitted the proposal which was approved with an overwhelming support of 96% of the community votes.

Marketing and tipping via BitcoinZ Discord was already available with the Vidulum wallet and its “/v-tip” commands. Although loved by many, Vidulum requires users to register., on the other hand, has a much lower barrier to entry. No registration is required and tips are transferred instantly. Coins are stored in your discord account and can be withdrawn at any time to external wallets.
Add as a secondary option to have not only an alternative but also an introduction to BTCZ for the millions of Discord users who have wallets. Adding these new users and servers will help raise awareness of BTCZ and further decentralize members’ ability to tip, rain and share BTCZ with other users.

The advantages of SEO with are numerous:
1- According to the website, there are currently over 29,900 Discord servers with the bot
installed and more than 12 million active users of the service.
2- The crypto options are huge, with over 500 coins and tokens supported. They’re all tied up
to your discord account which means they follow you from server to server so you can get BTCZ
from our server and share it with people on another server to help spread awareness of BTCZ.
3- Security belongs to the user. Since the crypto is tied to your discord account, enabling factor 2
for your discord is like adding 2 factors for the wallet.
4- Swap Bots are like mini DEX services that allow users to exchange the coins they have for
another currency.’s Royal Swap bot is already available on the BitcoinZ server and BTCZ is one of them
the assets with the lowest fee percentage!

Risks and ways to deal with them
The main risks are that the wallet that stores coins/tokens for users is a custodial wallet linked to each Discord account. The user does not control the keys to this wallet and it is stored online. is therefore not intended to be a long-term storage solution for parts. It is used for tipping, raining, and exchanging coins and tokens, but once the user has an amount they wish to store securely, they must withdraw the coins from to a secure local wallet of his choice to keep them safe. (Vidulum or Coinomi are non-custodial wallets for example).

More information about the service can be found here

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