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Welcome to the Tipping Point: “House Rules” in Contested Custody Disputes | Vide Rome LLP

[ad_1] After reading Judge Richard Dollinger’s July 2021 decision in EEC versus SS, 2021 NY Slip OP 21258 (Sup. Ct., Monroe Cty), this author remembered Victoria Kann’s children’s book, “Pinkalicious.” The seminal quote from Kann’s book – delivered by a mother to her daughter in the book – is: “You get what you get, and […]

New studies accuse tipping and service with a smile of fueling sexual harassment

[ad_1] Photography: Shutterstock New research has linked the high incidence of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry to a combination of two longstanding company traditions: encouraging employees to smile and making servers depend on tips for a much of their pay. The findings come from two related studies conducted by researchers affiliated with three universities. […]

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