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NAACP committee chairman says Buffalo attack shows need for urgent action

On Saturday, a gunman opened fire at a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, killing 10 people and injuring three others. Prior to the attack, the shooter published a 180-page document filled with racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Michael Curry, chairman of the NAACP Advocacy and Policy Committee, joined Boston Public Radio […]

How the climate crisis is tipping the scales and threatening Cambodia’s fishing communities

Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake faces an emergency as the delicate ecosystem is damaged due to a combination of the climate crisis, overfishing and upstream dams. Many communities surrounding Tonle Sap Lake depend on the water source for their income. However, the lake’s volume has fallen below its historical average, according to the Mekong River […]

We have reached a tipping point in the adoption of air cargo digitization

According to Freightos, a digital booking platform for international shipping, the company’s digital bookings grew 300% year-over-year and added several new airlines to its customers, including American Airlines. While the pandemic has played its part in accelerating the global shift to digital booking, Freightos believes the pandemic is not the only reason the airfreight and […]

Tipping Point viewers ‘rumble’ simple drop zone trick to win ITV game show every time

Tipping Point viewers identified specific drop zones as potential keys to success, saying some are more likely to lead to victory than others. Video loading Video unavailable The video will start automatically soon8Cancel play now Tipping point: Ben Shephard says the fall was ‘hard’ Tipping Point fans have shared a tactic they believe could be […]

Regulator asks Norsk Tipping to launch betting loss limits – Responsible Gambling

Norwegian regulator Lotteri-og Stiftelsestilsynet has asked monopoly operator Norsk Tipping to reduce the availability and number of casino games on its site, and to introduce loss limits for sports betting. In the regulator’s 2021 annual report, it found that customer numbers and turnover had reached an all-time high for Norsk Tipping, one of the country’s […]

Man fined over £400 after being caught tipping by Test Valley Borough Council

A man has been fined over £400 after he was caught tipping plastic wrappers and shattered glass in a Hampshire village by hidden cameras. On November 5, 2021, Barry Jones, of Millway Road, Andover, was recorded illegally dumping controlled waste including plastic packaging and broken glass at Marrow Puts near Newbury Hill, Charlton. Appearing at […]

Canadians tip more generously during COVID-19, new data shows – National

Canadians tipped local businesses more generously during COVID-19 compared to pre-pandemic times, suggests new data released by tech company Square. On average, Canadians tip 17.9% on in-person purchases, up from 16.6% on average before the pandemic, according to Square. In an email to Global News, Square spokeswoman Giovana Pinheiro Chichito said that “across the board […]

COVID: tips have increased during the pandemic

Canadians’ generosity in tips continues to remain above pre-pandemic levels, according to new data from point-of-sale provider Square. According to Square, in-person tips averaged 17.9% across businesses in the first three months of 2022. That compares to the pre-pandemic average of 16.6% in Canada. Despite this increase, Square noted that Canadians’ generosity in tipping still […]

Fly dumping, dog soiling and harassment among more than 300 incidents surveyed by housing bosses in Hebburn

Alex Hoole, community safety and law enforcement manager at South Tyneside Homes, noted that there were a total of 327 cases of active anti-social behavior recorded at the end of 2021/22. She said: “I just did the year-end numbers for the whole borough, which is a decrease from the previous year. Register to our daily […]

Tipping Point fans are hysterical after the contestant made an epic blunder on Rihanna

Hosted by Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard, Tipping Point returned for another episode on Thursday, which saw a contestant make a hilarious guess to a question Video loading Video unavailable The video will start automatically soon8Cancel play now Tipping point: Candidate responds to “Rihanna” for music question Tipping Point fans were left in roars of […]

Sportradar will provide Norsk Tipping with a retail solution

New York-listed Sportradar has reached an agreement to deploy its internet betting terminal solution with Norwegian state-owned gaming operator Norsk Tipping. Sportradar will install its internet-based Self-Service Betting Terminal (SSBT) software in 245 outlets across Norway, giving bettors a similar user experience and functionality to Norsk Tipping’s online sports betting offering , which is also […]

The problem of fly tipping in Ross-shire and the Highlands is highlighted by a visitor to the Ben Wyvis car park who was shocked that a load of roof insulation had been dumped there

A visitor pointed to the problem of fly tipping in the Highlands when he saw rubbish dumped at a beauty spot in Easter Ross. Lewis Turner posted photos of roof insulation, which had been left at the Ben Wyvis car park, and he shared them via social media saying exactly what he thought of the […]

E-Tips launches the new way to tip at over 100 restaurants across the UAE in partnership with The Cloud

Dubai, UAE, 11 April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, E-Tips, the region’s leading cashless tips and reviews platform, has partnered with The Cloud, the UAE’s leading B2B2C virtual food brand, to create a new way for customers to give back during the holy month of Ramadan. The new “Tip The Chef” campaign launched by E-tips in collaboration with […]

New Report Says Streaming Services Have Reached a ‘Tipping Point’

Nielsen and Company, which has long measured television ratings, has released a new report on the impact of entertainment streaming services. While customers have flocked to streaming services and are overwhelmingly benefiting from their user experience, the economics of the industry remain uncertain. The study concludes that the industry has “reached a tipping point”. What […]

Aid for Ukrainian refugees in Herts reaches ‘tipping point’ as officials say other areas should do more

Hertfordshire County Council told the government it was at a “tipping point” in supporting refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan, and urged other parts of the country to do more to provide relief to the region. County Council deputy chief executive Scott Crudgington said he was prepared to “do more than his fair share”, but said […]

Home Office on ‘tipping point’ of another scandal, says Windrush Review

The Home Office has failed to make the “required cultural changes” in proposals to help victims affected by the Windrush scandal after being accused of exaggerating their progress, according to a report. In a review of the government’s progress since her initial report on the Windrush scandal, Wendy Williams criticized a “lack of tangible progress […]

Spirit of the game or they don’t give a (expletive)? Are the Steelers tipping their hand by attending top QB pro days? – Athleticism

PALM BEACH, Fla. — As one of the longest-serving head coaches of one of the NFL’s most storied franchises, Mike Tomlin tends to draw attention to himself wherever he makes an appearance. Even at the Breakers Palm Beach Resort just steps from the Atlantic Ocean where billionaires spend the weekends golfing, million-dollar yachts are moored […]

Covid was an unexpected tipping point for our growth: how to change ways of working, overworked office-switching startup Kitt

S Teve Coulson and Lucy Minton spent six months organizing an office move at the company they both worked for, parking app JustPark. The logistics and research involved took time away from their actual jobs — as CFO and business manager respectively — and “wrecked us,” Coulson reports. “We wandered aimlessly through lists of lawyers, […]

Covid-19: School near ‘tipping point’ as absences take their toll

The-Nelson-Mail Nayland College headmaster Daniel Wilson says the school is barely covering Covid-related absences among staff but will likely have to send students to year-level hostel. It can be a ‘shock’ when Covid-19 suddenly hits a school, but pupils should not stay away from the classroom for fear of catching the virus there, principals say. […]

‘Man and van’ social media ads investigated in fly dumps crackdown

//= do_shortcode(‘[in-content-square]’) ?> Fly tipping. Photo by, under CC BY-NC 2.0 license Liam Randall local democracy journalist Wrexham Council officials are set to investigate whether waste pickers who advertise their services on social media are involved in the fly-tipping. The plans to target “man and van” services are part of a planned crackdown on […]

ITV Tipping Point viewers in stitches at ridiculous response to Royal Family question

Viewers watching ITV’s hit game show Tipping Point were stunned by a contestant’s answer that couldn’t have been more wrong. The coin-op game show sees four contestants answer one-on-one questions to win money by placing counters in a machine resembling the old arcade game where coins are won by pushing them on mobile platforms. Facing […]

Amazon rainforest may be approaching critical tipping point, study finds

The Amazon is losing its ability to recover from disturbances such as droughts and land use changes, scientists reported on Monday, adding to concern that the rainforest is approaching a critical threshold beyond which a much of it will be replaced by grassland, with far-reaching consequences for biodiversity and climate change. The scientists said their […]

Have your say on fly tipping

A CONSULTATION has been launched on the repression of those who steal tips. And Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell has encouraged locals to react to the Scottish Parliament’s proposed bill which would see tougher action on tipping. It aims to increase penalties for fly tipping, including lifting the current £200 fixed fine notice, improve incident data […]

Dogecoin is by far the most popular tipping crypto in history, says co-creator as he asks for inclusion in Twitter Tip Jar – Dogecoin – US Dollar ($DOGE)

Dogecoins (CRYPTO: DOGE) co-creator uses Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) to expand the latter’s spiked jar options. What happened: Billy Markus tweeted a petition titled “Add Dogecoin Wallet Support to Twitter Toggle Feature” on Thursday. At press time, the petition had garnered 6,156 supporters. Markus tweeted that adding DOGE to Twitter’s tip jar options “just […]

Twitter integrates Flutterwave and Paga as switching platforms

One of the importances of blockchain is decentralization, but how do blockchain stakeholders boycott real politics in actualizing their goals? For example, the US sanction against countries like Iran is causing many US-based companies to reassess their delivery of goods and services to the Iranian market. These companies are forced to carefully weigh their options […]

Twitter now supports tipping in Nigeria, adds Paga and Flutterwave as payment providers

Twitter has announced that its tipping feature is now available for its Nigerian users. As a bonus, in addition to support for Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses, Twitter has added pan-African payment solutions Paga and Flutterwave as payment providers for its new feature. Twitter launched its toggle feature in September 2021, supporting Bitcoin through the […]

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