CEO Bob Chapek insists on bringing the Walt Disney Company to the game

With so much constant change at The Walt Disney Company over the past few years, CEO Bob Chapek is pushing for a sea change in the direction of the company.

The Walt Disney Company prides itself on its commitment to constant innovation, change and improvement, and to providing Guests and Fans with the best experiences across the Company’s brands, whether visit Disney parks around the world, enjoy the latest movies and series from Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, or 20th Century Studios, stream content on services like Disney+ or Hulu, or buy the latest merchandise releases.

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While some of these new experiences and improvements have received mixed reactions from fans, Disney CEO Bob Chapek insists on taking a drastic step and continues to pursue the addition of betting experiences within the game. ‘company.

In a recent interview with CNBCBob Chapek said he likes to look at almost all company activities through the eyes of the end consumer, adding that he believes that by doing this you can’t go wrong in making decisions.

Chapek commented that this is how the company views ESPN, considering that one of the things sports fans want is “the ability to have frictionless sports betting potential without having to have four screens in front of you.” . He added, “we as ESPN have the ability to do that.”

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The Disney CEO mentioned that if the company were to take this course, it would need a partner because “we will never be a book. It’s never in the cards for The Walt Disney Company. Chapek added that being able to partner with a well-respected third party who could handle this seamless integration for the company would surely be seen as a benefit by fans, providing a new growth trajectory for the company.

When asked when this integration would take place, CEO Bob Chapek said the company does not have a specific timeline at this time as many factors come into play to undertake such a project, but mentioned that the company was happy with some of the conversations. they’ve had throughout the industry. He added:

We are working hard in our offices on the East Coast and West Coast, to figure out how we can achieve a more frictionless sports environment for our viewers. And obviously some of these things require the cooperation of a lot of people in the ecosystem, whether it’s the leagues or other broadcast partners. But we envision a world where ESPN, more than ever, is the pinnacle of all your streaming needs, and we’re excited to continue working on that.

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While there aren’t many details regarding the integration of sports betting within ESPN – and inherently The Walt Disney Company – as CEO Bob Chapek said, the company is still working on this project. , aiming to turn ESPN into “something as big as ever”. summer,” using Disney’s “Next Gen Storytelling.”

What do you think of this decision? Would you like Disney to integrate betting functions within ESPN? Let us know in the comments below!

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