Chile Customer Says Chain’s ‘Scam’ Tipping System ‘Costs Server Money’


A customer from Chile has gone viral for issuing a warning about the restaurant chain’s tipping system.

The client, @thatdumbdiver, issued the warning on TikTok. He said: “To everyone who works at Chili’s, just know [the restaurant] limits what people are allowed to tip you. The post has been viewed more than 677,000 times and sparked discussion about tipping cash. You can watch the full video here.

In his video, @thatdumbdiver tips a $12 credit card when paying his bill through the restaurant’s table payment tablet. But when he tries to complete the transaction, a popup message appears on the screen.

“The amount entered exceeds the maximum allowed limit,” the message read. “Please enter a lower amount.”

Here, an image of a server walking away from a table. A customer from Chile has gone viral for issuing a warning about the restaurant chain’s tipping system.

In the caption of the post, @thatdumbdiver called the tip limit a “scam”.

“I don’t know if it’s [happens] in all the Chili’s, but you should check it out!” he wrote. “[The tip limit] cost my server money today since I had no money.”

Why the tip limit?

A spokesperson for Brinker International, Chili’s parent company, said Newsweek that the company has implemented tipping limits to protect customers.

“At Chili’s, we offer our customers several ways to pay their checks and tip our team members. One of them is through our secure pay-at-the-table, or Prestos, tablets,” said said the spokesperson.

“In the past, customers inadvertently punched in an extra digit when leaving a tip on our Presto tablets, for example, entering an extra zero and accidentally leaving $100 instead of $10. We have implemented protection with a maximum tip percentage on Presto to protect them,” the spokesperson continued. “However, if a customer wishes to tip more than Presto’s limit, they can leave money, or we can run his credit card through our point of sale, which would give him a paper receipt to write in his tip.”

Viewers react

Many viewers said backing up was one of the many reasons they “always” tip cash.

“That’s why I always try to bring cash in exchange for a tip,” Sam D. said.

“That’s why you tip cash, also because they’re not taxed on it,” Stella Marie wrote.

Lees added: “I never tip [servers] on my credit card. I always write 0.00 and then give them [the] cash tip [because] businesses are greedy. »

In response, @thatdumbdiver told commenters that he usually tips cash but didn’t have any on him when he recorded the video.

Newsweek contacted @thatdumbdiver for comment.

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