County Durham residents named and humiliated for tipping

Four County Durham landlords have been named and humiliated and fined £1,000 after failing to remove rubbish and rubbish from their property.

Residents, who have already received community protection notices for their waste, have found out the hard way that failure to follow the rules can have serious consequences.

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After failing to follow advice issued by Durham County Council, the local authority decided to name and shame several members of the public on its manager’s social media page.

Here are the four owners who were sued:

  • Robert George of Brunel Street, Ferryhill (trash pictured)
  • Kelsie-May Hurst of Bouch Street, Shildon
  • Billie Plews of 17 Thomas Street, Shildon
  • Gary Weston of Adamson Street, Shildon

Along with the four names, the county council manager’s page posted a statement which read: ‘Several people have been prosecuted for failing to comply with community protection notices requiring them to remove litter from their yard/garden.

“They were all fined a total of £1089 each for non-compliance.

“To report issues such as litter in yards or gardens, please call 03000 260000 or use the online reporting system”

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