Crewe is the fly tipping capital of Cheshire East


Dear Editor,
There were 4,321 fly-spilling incidents in Cheshire East in the year ending April 2021. This is compared to 1,377 in 2013.

An increase of more than 300% There were 541 enforcement actions taken in the year ending April 2021, compared to 764 in 2013, a REDUCTION in enforcement actions of almost 30%.

Of the 3,235 total incidents recorded in Cheshire East from April 2020 to the end of the municipal year, 2,164 – or 66.9% – occurred in Crewe.

That’s seven and a half times more fly spill incidents than those recorded in Macclesfield, the next worst town.

On average that year, 6 cases of fly tipping were reported every DAY in Crewe.

It is totally unacceptable.

Cheshire East needs to pay much more attention to the selfish crime of dumping flies and identifying and prosecuting the culprits.

It disfigures the communities and there is no need for it as anyone can go to the Tip in Crewe for free.

More fly tipping prosecutions need to be brought, fines need to be massively increased and repeat offenders need to go to jail, to have a deterrent effect.

Repeat offenders are rarely fined, and when they are, they view fines as a cost of doing business and continue their evil work.

If any residents have information about fly tipping and/or fly tipping, they should report it to Council.

Cheshire East is expected to make it easier for residents to report fly-spill incidents and identify culprits, both online and by telephone.


Councilor Brian Silvester
Put Crewe first

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