Dorset drivers urged to buy tips with dashcam footage


DRIVERS in Dorset can now use dash cam footage to report litter thrown by vehicles – and if the driver is caught they could face a fine of up to £100.

Litter Free Dorset is calling on all drivers on Dorset’s roads to report these incidents to help keep the roads and verges free of litter.

Anyone in Dorset can report litter thrown from a vehicle using Dorset Council’s online reporting page.

A spokesperson for Litter Free Dorset said: ‘If you see anyone littering you can report it online and upload dash cam footage as supporting evidence.

“Reports can still be made without dashcam footage, but this is the best form of evidence to support your report.”

Jeremy Gallagher, Head of Enforcement Team at Dorset Council: “We are acting on every report we receive, so we are encouraging all Dorset drivers to take action against vehicle litter by keeping a eyes open and reporting incidents using the online form. Remember: see it – report it.”

Emma Teasdale, co-ordinator of Litter Free Dorset: “We all know that cigarette butts contain harmful chemicals which can harm wildlife and pollute our seas and rivers, but did you know that cigarette butts are the subject most popular in the UK?

“Surprisingly, over 7 million UK drivers have admitted to dropping cigarette butts from their car.

“By encouraging all drivers to report incidents of litter being thrown from vehicles, Litter Free Dorset reminds drivers in Dorset that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the natural environment in which we are blessed to live.”

In May this year, Dorset Council spent four days removing 1.5 tonnes of rubbish and rubbish from a single road in Dorset, costing money and causing road disruption.

How to report an incident:

  1. Use the map to locate where the litter was deposited. You can also add specific incident location details
  2. Add details of the vehicle concerned, e.g. make, model, colour, license plate and where the waste was thrown from
  3. Upload any dash cam footage you have of the incident. (You can still upload a report without it, but dashcam footage is the best form of evidence to back up your report.)
  4. Provide your contact details so that Dorset Council can contact you if they need further information.

To report an incident, visit

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