Dumping of garden waste costs Telford & Wrekin taxpayers over £8,000


Cleaning up 98 illegal garden waste dumps in Telford and Wrekin has cost more than £8,000 over the past 12 months.

The dumping of garden waste, including branches and soil, is an offense and Telford & Wrekin Council takes it as seriously as the dumping of waste.

A £400 fixed penalty notice has been issued to a resident who dumped tree waste in a car park in Waverley, Woodside. They were reported by a street champion – who are community-minded members of the public who help keep the borough clean and safe. The fine could easily have been avoided if the owner had put the waste in his green bin.

Councilor Richard Overton (Labour), Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing, Law Enforcement and Transport, said:

“A lot of people think yard waste from fly dumps isn’t as bad as fly dump waste because it’s degradable, but it still causes problems and is an offence.

“Dumping tree debris can block drains and cause flooding. In this case, the branches were left in a public parking lot, which prevents people from parking safely.

“I want to personally thank all of our Street Champions who are making a real difference in our communities by reporting issues like fly tipping.”

If you have a lot of yard waste, home composting is a great way to manage it or you can take it to our household recycling centers which are open seven days a week.

Across the borough, there are 1,300 Street Champions who play a valuable role in helping council staff ensure our neighborhoods are great places to live.

The council’s Street Champion coordinator, David Maiden, said:

“They help pick up litter, cut overhanging branches and maintain community gardens.

“They also act as the eyes and ears of the community and we encourage them to report broken street lights or abandoned shopping carts and, if so, tip them through MyTelfordapp.

“For volunteers, it’s a way to give back and be a positive role model.

For more information on Street Champions and to apply visit Introduction – Street Champions – Telford & Wrekin Council

We encourage people to report flight advice online through our Telford and Wrekin Watch initiative. You can also call 01952 388800 and give us confidential information.

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