Experts: Syracuse fans are betting their money on Boeheim’s army

Syracuse, NY – Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, fans longed for the sport to return.

By extension, fans who love to bet on sports look forward to the opportunity to bet on a real game.

The basketball tournament provided sports fans something to watch and punters something to bet on.

Sports betting experts say the basketball tournament, a summer event featuring pros on teams, many of whom are alumni of a certain college, has sparked interest in betting in a sporting landscape. with few options.

“TBT takes advantage of coronavirus slowdown,” Andrew Mannino, senior sports content analyst for, noted. “We haven’t been able to offer this tournament in the past because regulators want to be sure that we offer top-level pros in regulated environments. Usually in the summer we have baseball, people watch European football, and football is gaining momentum.

“But this year, regulators are poised to put other sports in the spotlight.”

One of the TBT teams that has generated the most interest is Boeheim’s Army, the team of former players from Syracuse University.

“We’re in New Jersey and there’s such a big base of Syracuse alumni in the tri-state area,” Mannino said. “We’ve seen a ton of interest in betting on Boeheim’s Army.”

Syracuse fans have always supported Boeheim’s army in the TBT. Last year, fans packed the SRC arena on the Onondaga Community College campus for team games. Photo by: Dennis Nett |

The betting line for Tuesday’s game between Boeheim’s Army and Men of Mackey started with Boeheim’s Army as the 4-point favorite.

Syracuse fans put so much money on Boeheim’s army that they pushed the line to seven and a half points before the game.

Sportsbook operator William Hill reported that one person bet $ 23,000 on Boeheim’s army and raised $ 33,000 when the team beat Men of Mackey.

FanDuel, which is an advertising partner of TBT, had the same experience with Boeheim’s army.

Boeheim’s army game against Men of Mackey was the seventh highest-ranked game on Tuesday, according to FanDuel’s Kevin Hennessey.

The matches before Boeheim’s army were European football matches, including Chelsea against Crystal Palace in the Premier League.

Mannino said he expects betting numbers for the basketball tournament to continue to do well as the event heads into its final rounds.

“We are definitely seeing interest and we are definitely seeing some action,” Mannino said. “It’s not the NBA, but it’s certainly generating interest. In this diminished sporting landscape, it’s a well-known American sport that people are used to betting on. ”


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