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There are many reasons why the online betting industry is growing daily, and one of them is that the sites give people so many options. Even though choosing a given gambling site is not always so simple, professionally created reviews of platforms are certainly helpful. Speaking of reviews, you can use any of the bonuses found on Efirbet.com after reading the information provided by this site regarding the different casinos and bookmakers. The information there contains enough data regarding the various promotions, as well as their conditions.

While we’re talking about betting bonuses, it’s essential to realize that all of them have rules that people must follow when using them. Most gamers are familiar with the most common ones which include details on things to focus on. However, some companies have even more specific requirements that not everyone is aware of, so let’s review.

Some of the most interesting bonuses offered by a given operator will only be available to selected players


There is no doubt that some of the betting bonuses offered by some platforms are more lucrative than others. Usually, new user rewards give people a chance to try out more things. Of course, there are also offers for existing players that are worthwhile because they bring in a lot of extra money.

The bad news is that the offers you will come across once you open the operator’s promotional section are just some of the offers from this brand. Most of the top companies also have exclusive rewards that they reserve for their most loyal customers. These things include offers like cashback, special types of VIP benefits, reload bonuses and more.

Some sites with such offers will show you what you need to do to get them. However, others do not share any information about them, which means you have to start using their services and hope that you will eventually be eligible to receive them.

All bonuses are time sensitive

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Apart from the hidden rewards offered by some top gambling sites, it is also important to know that almost all offers are time sensitive. In other words, you only have a few hours/days/weeks to get the reward you love before it expires. In some cases bookmakers and casinos will also give you a few weeks or days to redeem the offer after you receive it.

Even though this rule is fundamental when using a given casino, some people do not pay any attention to it. Instead, they focus on the extra funds and free spins they can get and forget that there are many other important facts to consider. Failure to use a given bonus in time will result in the loss of the extra funds you have, as well as the winnings accumulated so far. Therefore, you have to be very careful when deciding which reward you want to use.

Some offers are not mobile friendly

Due to the fact that online bettors use smartphones and tablets, many casinos and bookmakers are developing special apps. Some of them also have mobile sites that will allow their customers to start using their services immediately.

Even though mobile apps and sites generally offer bettors everything that is available on the desktop platform, there are exceptions. Unfortunately, one is related to bonuses as not all of the promotions you will find on the desktop platform will be there once you start betting on the go.

Some bookmakers and casinos wanted to make sure they were giving people great mobile services, so they optimized their rewards. However, others haven’t completed this stage yet, so don’t be surprised if some of the bonuses aren’t available on the go.

Before moving on to the next important paragraph of this article, we would like to remind all bettors that some top gambling apps have special mobile bonuses. These things are only available to mobile users and often give them unique benefits.

You will have to spend money to get them

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When we talk about online betting bonuses, we can divide them into two groups, depending on whether they require you to make a deposit or not. Unsurprisingly, most require people to add lots of funds to their accounts. So don’t be surprised if you notice that there are not many no deposit bonuses.

The concept of no deposit bonuses became popular a few years ago when online casinos decided they had to step up. Along with their usual rewards, some operators have started offering special benefits for free to anyone who opens an account and starts using the platform.

There are several types of no deposit bonuses, but the majority of them are free spins that can be used for a particular slot game. However, some companies may also include small amounts of money for people to try. Regardless of the no deposit bonus, those interested in this proposition will still have a wagering requirement that must be met in order to make a withdrawal.

Most online casino offers will only work if you bet on specific games

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Despite the fact that sports betting is very popular, iGaming enthusiasts are also interested in online casinos. The latter offers all sorts of rewards for new and registered players, including special things not available elsewhere. However, unlike most sports bonuses, casino offers will only work if you bet on a specific casino game.

Some people might be disappointed after reading this, but it’s important to remember that the best online casinos offer thousands of games from multiple software providers. Some companies will offer customers bonuses that work on anything, but most operators are more specific and will indicate the particular casino games the player should focus on.

Unsurprisingly, most offers are for certain slots or games with real dealers. However, there are instances where bonuses can work for jackpot titles and all sorts of other things.

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