FireKeepers Casino Hotel prepares to offer online betting


Following the Michigan Games Control Boardthe approval of online and mobile sports betting on Friday, FireKeepers Casino Hotel announced that it is ready to join casinos statewide by offering its own online options in February.

Battle Creek Casino will create their own app to add to their in-person sports betting options to their Dacey’s sports betting, which opened in June.

“We look forward to moving our award-winning casino offering to the online realm, building on the success of our award-winning casino,” said Jim Sage, vice president of marketing and online sports and games. “We value players who visit FireKeepers, and these guests deserve the same level of rewards and service in the iCasino world.”

Waiting for, Guardians of the Fire said until its mobile app and website are up and running, it is offering a special bonus of up to $ 200 in online credit to Red Hot Rewards Club members who anticipate the start of iGaming, the Battle Creek Seeker reports.

“We were the first Tribal Operation to open an onsite book and now we’re a few weeks away from being able to open our iGaming and iCasino options. But what we wanted to do so far was to reward our existing FireKeepers with this. promotion, ”Wise said.

Wise said that the combination of online gambling and Dacey’s sports betting experience in the casino will keep FireKeepers among the best gaming options in the state.

“What we’ve seen in other states is that it can be a revenue generator without hurting our brick and mortar operation. We think we can do whatever we do and add iGaming and offer a more complete experience to our customers, ”said Wise.

And having a local option has made FireKeepers believe it will be able to compete with some of the statewide gaming apps that rolled out over the weekend.

“In some of these cases, people see all these national brands and don’t know who they trust. In a few weeks, they will see someone from the area that they know very well and have visited, like us. at Dacey’s Sportsbook, and they’ll want to try, ”Wise said. “Our on-site book has gone extremely well, has done more volumes than we expected since our debut this summer.

“And that’s a tip for our employees and the service and experience they provide to our customers.”

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