Florida Sports Betting 2022 – Is Online Betting Legal?


Florida Sports Betting Updates

Sports betting in Florida is no more. As the state government and the Seminole Tribe continue to defend their current pact or strike a new deal, here’s a look back at where Florida sports betting is going so far:

July 11, 2022: The DC Circuit releases a briefing schedule in the Florida Tribal Compact sports betting case that says a decision won’t be made until 2023.

June 1, 2022: Caesars and NYRA Bets launch the Caesars Racebook app in Florida and Ohio.

April 27, 2022: The Florida Seminole Tribe stops making revenue sharing payments to Florida. With the 2021 Florida-Seminole Compact on the ice, the tribe will instead make payments in escrow until the litigation is resolved.

March 7, 2022: Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley suspended for 2022 NFL season after betting on NFL games in 2021 with Florida’s Hard Rock Sportsbook.

February 18, 2022: DraftKings CEO Jason Robbins reveals the sportsbook operator failed to secure enough signatures in time to place a proposed constitutional amendment on the state’s 2022 election ballot.

January 28, 2022: Florida Education Champions Initiativebacked by DraftKings and FanDuel, concedes defeat with less than 500,000 verified signatures collected.

January 20, 2022: The DraftKings-FanDuel initiative is approaching 400,000 signatures.

January 11, 2022: With just over 295,000 signatures, the initiative supported by FanDuel and DraftKings has just gathered one third of the required signatures to reach the November 2022 ballot. The deadline to reach 891,589 signatures is February 1, 2022.

December 4, 2021: Thirty-five days after launch, the Hard Rock Sportsbook agrees to “temporarily suspend” all operations in Florida. Legal sports betting in Florida has come to an end.

December 1, 2021: A group of Las Vegas Sands-aligned groups are suing seven parties acting on behalf of the Seminole Tribe. The groups allege the Seminole Tribe paid petition collectors to prevent them from collecting signatures for a 2022 Las Vegas Sands ballot measure.

November 25, 2021: After the Seminole Tribe’s motion for a stay pending appeal is denied, an emergency motion for a stay pending appeal is filed with the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Meanwhile, the Hard Rock Sportsbook is still operational.

November 23, 2021: The Seminole Tribe files a notice of appeal and motion to stay pending appeal in DC federal court just a day after Judge Friedrich struck down the Florida-Seminole Compact. The tribe is looking to continue taking sports bets throughout the appeals process.

November 22, 2021: Judge Dabney Friedrich Launches Florida Sportsbook Pact, ending legal sports betting and plans to expand Seminole Tribe gaming. The judge ruled that federal (Indian Gaming Regulatory Act) and state (Amendment 3) laws were violated.

November 1, 2021: The Seminole Tribe of Florida is launching an “early access launch” of its Hard Rock Sportsbookthough at least two lawsuits challenging the state’s legal sports betting model are still pending in federal court.

October 19, 2021: Florida District Judge Allen Winsor dismisses the first of the Magic City-Bonita Springs lawsuits.

October 15, 2021: October 15 is coming, but not legal sports betting in Florida.

September 27, 2021: Two Florida businessmen and the anti-gambling group No casino file the third lawsuit – the second in DC The petition asserts that no gambling expansion can take place in Florida without voter approval, citing Amendment 3.

September 27, 2021: File Magic City Casino and Bonita Springs Poker Room their second trial – this time, CC The lawsuit claims that online sports betting in Florida violates several federal laws.

August 17, 2021: Magic Town Casino and Bonita Springs Poker Room take legal action against the Home Office and Home Secretary Deb Haaland challenging the validity of their Seminole Tribe Compact endorsement.

August 6, 2021: Florida’s pact with the Seminole tribe passes its 45-day approval period. By neither approving nor denying the Seminole-Florida Gaming Compact, the U.S. Department of the Interior is giving Florida the green light to move forward with its proposed launch date of October 15, 2021.

May 25, 2021: Governor DeSantis quietly signs a new tribal pact. The deal would allow the Seminole Tribe to expand its gaming library and offer retail and online sports betting. Pari-mutuel facilities would also be allowed to operate betting sites in Florida through servers located on tribal lands.

May 2019: Governor DeSantis refuses to sign an agreement made between Senator Wilton Simpson and the Seminole tribe. The pact would have allowed tribal casinos and racetracks to offer legal sports betting in Florida.

November 6, 2018: Voters pass Amendment 3, effectively banning the Florida legislature from passing new game expansions without the approval of the Seminole tribe.

May 14, 2018: SCOTUS overturns the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). Individual states are now allowed to legalize and regulate sports betting.

Is sports betting legal in Florida?

Nope, Florida sports betting is no longer legal. On November 22, 2021, a federal judge ruled that the state’s gambling pact violated a federal law requiring all tribal gambling to take place on tribal land. While one server was located on Indian land, Florida sports bettors were not, which the Court could not accept.

After the Seminole Tribe’s appeals and stay motions were denied, the Hard Rock Sportsbook suspended operations on December 4, 2021. Florida State and the Seminoles will continue to defend their pact while also having the opportunity to rework their agreement to restrict all betting on events on tribal lands.

The path of least resistance would be to leave it up to Florida residents — but that could take a while. Could early voters be given the opportunity to vote on a sports betting trade measure? 2024. In this scenario, Florida sportsbooks would not go live until 2025.

Engage with our interactive legal tracker for the latest information on states with legal sports betting across the country.

How to start betting in Florida

If retail and mobile sports betting is legalized, Florida sports bettors will have the option of visiting a physical or legal Florida sports betting site to get started.


Select a bookmaker

Before placing a sports bet in Florida, it will be important to identify which bookmaker best suits your betting needs. Hard Rock was the only option after its initial launch, but other vendors may enter the market in the future.

Keep an eye out for sign-up bonuses, betting lines, and ease of making deposits and withdrawals. Be sure to read reviews as they become available.


Register online

Floridians will be able to register, make deposits and place bets – all from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else in the state.


Claim a bonus

In November 2021, the Seminole Tribe and Hard Rock Sportsbook offered a $100 risk-free bet to new sports players in Florida. Other popular bonuses include deposit matches and no deposit bonuses, which Florida Sportsbooks may offer in the future.


Deposit funds

Sports betting offers a variety of methods to fund your account. Florida sports bettors will be able to use PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, PayNearMe or cash when playing in person.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the applicable terms and conditions to avoid unexpected transaction fees.


start betting

After choosing a sports bet, claiming your bonus and funding your account, you will be ready to place your first sports bet. Remember that if you find higher odds elsewhere, nothing will stop you from switching to another sports betting site.


Withdraw funds

Withdrawing your sports betting winnings should be simple in Florida. These transactions tend to take a bit longer to process than deposits, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few days to access your bankroll.

Read odds

American odds are the default option in the US, and Florida sportsbooks will also display odds this way. American odds involve the use of minus (-) and plus (+) signs to indicate favorites and underdogs.

Favorites are displayed with a minus sign; the number you see tells you the amount you would have to wager to win $100. For example, odds of -160 shows you that a $160 bet would net you $100 in winnings.

The underdogs are slightly different. A plus sign is used to indicate the amount you could win by placing a bet of $100. For example, +110 odds tell you that a $100 bet would result in a profit of $110.

Some sportsbooks also display odds as fractions and decimals. Check out our odds converter to browse the three types of betting odds.

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