Fly-tipping in Norwich at Cherry Close crime hotspot


Dirty mattresses and a rotting wardrobe are among the items that have now been dumped outside a social apartment building.

Cherry Close in Lakenham has become a hive for rubbish and fly tipping in recent months.

The tenants of the apartments belonging to the town hall are tired of the rubbish left for weeks.

A wardrobe and bed were spotted by council tenant Michael Stewart-Watling, 75, as he went to dispose of his rubbish in the communal bins last Thursday.

The wardrobe was later removed but there are now two mattresses wedged next to the bins.

Norwich Evening News: Fly tipping continues at Cherry Close Fly dumping continues at Cherry Close (Photo: Denise Bradley)

Mr Stewart-Watling thinks people are now going to communal bins to abandon their items: “You can hear people coming in from Hall Road at night and then turning in the drive and leaving.

“Someone deliberately threw furniture there and had no intention of calling the council.

“You’d think these people would have common sense and wouldn’t do it.”

Norwich Evening News: Cherry Close in Lakenham Cherry Close in Lakenham (Photo: Denise Bradley)

Bags of food were also left behind, which led to rats scurrying around, according to tenants.

Cate Oliver, Labor cabinet member for environmental services at Norwich City Council, said she would report the fly dumps at Cherry Close.

Norwich Evening News: Councilor Cate OliverCouncilor Cate Oliver

The Town Close councilor added: “People may well be driving to Cherry Close and abandoning the furniture.

“If someone witnesses it, there is a space on the online reporting form to give that detail.

“We’re all feeling the pinch at the moment and I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to deliberately throw out furniture and expect the council to foot the bill because the council is all of us.

“The new recycling center in Norwich South is accessible and close to Cherry Close if you have a car.

Norwich Evening News: Mattresses thrown away at Cherry Close Mattresses thrown away at Cherry Close (Photo: Denise Bradley)

“If not, we offer a bulky lifting service for a small fee. Charities will also collect.

“There is a wealth of information on our website and I would like to thank anyone who takes a little care to get rid of unwanted items or relocate them.”

Norwich City Council has launched a new city-wide campaign Love Norwich, Play Your Part to make the city tidy.
Norwich Evening News: Rubbish left at Cherry Close which has not been cleared Rubbish left at Cherry Close that has not been cleaned up (Photo: Denise Bradley)

The authority claims that 95% of fly dumps are removed within 24 hours.

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