Frustrated Mike Trout notices his own pitcher tipping pitches as he stands in center field

It was pretty much the standard story with the Los Angeles Angels last night: Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani homered…but the Angels lost. At 36-41, the Angels are on track to miss the playoffs ONCE AGAIN despite having generational talent on their roster. It’s frustrating for fans who want to see a guy like Mike Trout on the big stage, and I can only imagine what it does for Trout himself.

Well, maybe I don’t have to imagine?

In the game, with the Angels already trailing, reliever Elvis Peguero was blasted by the White Sox in the 7th inning. As this happened, the camera captured a visibly frustrated Mike Trout in center field literally showing how his teammate was tipping his pitches:

Trout demonstrates what Peguero is doing, seemingly frustrated at how obvious it is and/or not stopping. The White Sox were so good on him, maybe, because they knew exactly what was coming.

Worse still, no one else seems to have understood it – or even communicated it to Peguero – until well after the game:

Obviously, Mike Trout is a superstar and has been playing baseball for a long time. He will see things that others will not see. But still, it’s pretty crazy that he could see this problem so quickly and so clearly, but no one else could spot it.

Well, aside from the White Sox hitters, it seems…

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