Gujarat bookmakers Rob Crores on behalf of online betting arrested in Hyderabad

Hyderabad police have arrested bookmakers in Gujarat, who had made millions from online betting. The main defendant is on the run. Police seized 1.5 crore worth of jewellery, mobile phones, cash and counting machines from the arrested defendants.

DI Ram Prasad and SI Saidulu gave the details of this scam which took place in the vicinity of SR Nagar in Hyderabad. Vishal Patel, Kamalesh Rawat, Patel Hitesh Ambala and Dharmendra from Gujarat resided at Gowliguda Gurudwara in Goulipur.

Bookmakers have started online betting using Gujarat as their main hub. The accused used Telegram as a promotional medium. They started luring people by telling them that they could earn thousands of dollars from online betting without any effort. And then they started stealing people’s money.

As they were about to collect the money, the police on a tip rushed to BK Guda park and arrested Vishal Patel and Kamalesh Rawat and collected 2 lakhs from them. During the investigation, they learned that there was another person in Gowliguda. Police went after the fugitive, identified as Patel Hitesh Ambala, and collected 1.5 crores from him. They arrested all three and sent them to the remand room.

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