Here’s why you can no longer report fly tipping on the My Glasgow app

Glasgow residents are puzzled as to why the My Glasgow app no ​​longer allows them to report cleaning issues.

Many have taken to social media for advice on why the feature was disabled.

One person said: ‘So Glasgow City Council has just removed online forms and app functions to report air dumps or report missed bin collections which is a huge problem in residential areas, even outside of strikes.

“I guess that means the stats on those will be much better now.”

Another person posted: “The My Glasgow app has been updated and I can no longer report flytipping, is this the same for other users?”

The council confirmed that the option has been temporarily removed following the recent bin strikes, but they plan to reinstate it as soon as the backlog is cleared.

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A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: “We knew there would be a significant disruption to services as a result of the strike and we continue to manage the backlog resulting from the strike.

“We are aware of the many cleanup issues currently affecting the city and our plan to recover from the impact of the strike is focused on addressing these issues. Our plan has focused on removing waste from public places and this includes wild dumps where He is found.

“We are making progress in our efforts to recover from the strike, but service will continue to be delayed for some time.

“We want to reactivate service request forms as soon as possible and we are reviewing the situation on an ongoing basis.”

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