How Michael Jordan’s gambling habits caused him to lose $5 million in just one night in Las Vegas at the craps table

Michael Jordan will not back down from anyone. He is competitive to the point that he will even bet money on games of chance in which he has no control over the outcome.

Jordan would take anything anyone said, even if it was just a passing comment, and use it as motivation. By now, the memes of his Last Dance “And I took it personally” quote are viral enough to help you understand just how absurdly competitive he was.

After all, to be such a dominant player, you have to have the character to match. Jordan dominated his opponents on the court and in their minds.

Jordan’s competitiveness also meant he regularly made bets with anyone. The bets could be on his golf skills, his basketball skills, or even sometimes, the most random things.

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Michael Jordan once lost $5 million playing craps in Las Vegas

Jordan loves the game, but that doesn’t mean it’s always worked out for the Bulls legend. Gambling is a big risk no matter how good you are.

His biggest gambling loss came in Las Vegas at the craps table. Jordan went big and tried to hit a home run, but it just wasn’t his night.

He lost $5 million, a blow to his bank account. Sure, the NBA GOAT is a billionaire, and he probably isn’t too worried about losing $5 million, but it’s still crushing no matter what. Plus, knowing the kind of person Jordan is, he was probably more upset about losing than taking a hit in his bank account.

Jordan would try to play and bet everything, no matter how high the stakes. He would win some and lose some, but that’s how the Bulls legend worked.

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