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Many regions have now approved online betting, Ireland being one of the countries that benefited from this decision.

Some authorities did this to keep their citizens safe by dictating which sites would get licenses to offer their services in their jurisdiction. Others did it because they realized there was no need to wage an obvious losing war – after all, with the penetration of the internet, citizens could easily find a bookmaker who would take their bet. While the reasons for accepting online betting sites may not be the same worldwide, the results have been similar. We look at the effects of online betting on sports in Ireland and beyond.

1. Young people are now betting on sports

When betting started, people used a physical intermediary or went to the bookmaker to place the bet. Older generations are familiar with this form of betting. However, it came with many drawbacks:

This was inconvenient as bettors had to look up their bookmakers when placing bets as well as when accepting their winnings,

It lacked privacy because punters had to reveal their identity to their intermediaries or bookmakers, and

It required punters to use cash or other easily identifiable means of payment.

Once online betting started gaining traction, it became apparent that it posed no such challenges. If anything, it was about solving these problems. MAll the kids So tried sports betting, hoping to win some money. Eventually, some became professional bettors, bloggers or vloggers and made big money from sports betting, pushing others to do the same.

Projections show that many punters start placing bets as soon as they turn 18. Interestingly, women are just as interested in online betting as men.

2. There is more commitment around sport

People usually stuck to one sport in the past and bet on it, be it horse racing or football. But now a lot of people don’t feel the need to shun other sports. Why is that?

More and more celebrities are endorsing sports betting, which has caused people to try other sports in hopes of making money,

Bookmakers cover a wide range of leagues, and punters can try betting on leagues beyond Ireland,

Many bookmakers offer live streaming options, allowing bettors to catch just about any game, and

Most bookmakers offer a range of betting options, and the odds on some of these markets may cause bettors to experiment.

In addition to variety and outside influences, bettors testified to having developed an interest in sports talk. They love the time they spend analyzing teams and love discussing the betting process. More online sports betting forums have sprung up, some people assuming an expert role in these spaces. People love such engagement and want to be part of these circles, which propelled the growth of the sports industry.

3. Betting companies throw their hats into the ring

In the past, sports teams had local and international sponsors who did not have betting links. These companies were there to gain some visibility in return for the incentives they would offer to sports clubs. After a while it was said that the betting companies also wanted a piece of this lucrative market. After all, advertising their services to an arena full of potential clients was a big marketing move.

At the time, the FAI wouldn’t hear anything about it, and most people concluded that this was due to the implied conflict of interest. However, in 2021 the FAI changed its mind and announced that, as in other major leagues, Irish sports clubs could also have bookmakers as sponsors. The result? – More money got involved in the sports scene, and more and more citizens have become aware of the lucrative nature of betting.

A notable team that has signed a bookmaker deal is Shamrock Rovers Football Club, who partnered with 888. More teams are sure to follow, as such deals work in their favor by reducing their overhead.

Sports betting is big business in Ireland, and this industry generates gambling revenues totaling more than one billion euros. Those who bet or offer related services can eke a bookIng of their pursuits, and it will only get more people to try what many think is a profitable online career.

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