How will Ontario’s new law change the Canadian online betting market?

Entrepreneurs in Ontario are now officially allowed to set up their business online. They can offer sporting events, sports and casino games to enthusiastic wagers, maximizing their winnings using casino bonuses in Canada.

However, all laws and restrictions of the provincially licensed iGaming industry, which debuted on Monday, April 4, 2022, must be followed.

Transforming the Canadian gaming industry

Although single play sports betting has been permitted in Canada since 2021, the industry was only officially launched in Ontario on April 4. According to reports, around 30 government-approved companies have been operational since the night of April 4, 2022.

Some of the major online betting organizations that have been approved are:

  1. PointsBet
  2. BetMGM Ontario
  3. bet365
  4. Coolbet
  5. FanDuel Ontario
  6. Unibet
  7. Rivalry
  8. king panda
  9. LionVegas
  10. WSOP
  11. LotoGo
  12. Fitzdares

It would be interesting to see if this is the first domino to fall. Also, are the nine other Canadian state governments willing to follow Ontario’s lead and take advantage of the potential betting tax windfall?

That seems more plausible now that online betting is legal in Ontario, and tech executives are cheering Monday’s fateful launch.

The legalization of sports betting not only generates profits for television providers, sports clubs and advertising, but also generates tax revenue. Local federations and provinces will raise more tax dollars, which will further stimulate the Canadian economy.

Why does online gambling in Canada make sense?

Let’s review some of the factors that make online gambling successful and give it an edge over land-based casinos.

Cost savings

Online casino platforms are easier to access and offer several economic benefits, such as deposit bonuses and other incentives.


The choice of games and equipment in offline casinos is limited. They cannot fit into a building. This is not a problem for online gambling companies, which is why they can offer hundreds or even thousands of games.


You can bet on popular games from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.


You are not limited to betting at home or in a casino. You can bet from almost anywhere on the planet, especially with access to mobile betting.


Land-based casinos also have promotions, but nothing compares to online gambling sites. Signup and reload bonuses, free incentives, discounts and other promotions are easily accessible on gambling sites.

Advantage over offline casinos

For example, you can bet on several sports in Canada. This includes the Canadian Football League, ice hockey, National Football League, baseball and soccer. Moreover, you can bet on these games while streaming them live.

This is what gives online gambling the edge. Suppose a fan of the Vancouver Canucks residing in Toronto can bet on the games of his favorite team. Still, it would be difficult to attend the game in person. Whereas with online betting, you can play in real time while enjoying the game through live streaming.

Canadian betting companies also employ top quality software developers, such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech and Quickspin, which offer a diverse range of casino and poker games.

In summary, there are many reasons why Canadians should bet online.

What are the different sports you can bet on?

National Football League: American Football Betting

Although Canada does not have its own team, NFL football betting generates more revenue than any other sport at the top Canadian sportsbooks. The best football betting platforms offer a plethora of NFL betting opportunities.

Betting on the English Premier League

Due to the abundance of football leagues and tournaments, football betting is an almost year-round activity. The game is always at your fingertips, whether in the English Premier League or the European Championship. The most reputable football sportsbooks make it easy to participate.

Major League Baseball Betting

Baseball betting entertains Canadians throughout the hot summer months, and bookmakers have recently seen a resurgence in interest. The best baseball bookmakers now include plenty of player incentives and real-time round-by-round betting.

National Hockey League Betting

Every night, die-hard fans of Canada’s seven NHL franchises pour money into their favorite teams. Most reputable hockey betting companies in Canada offer a wide range of NHL odds, with live betting on the game as it progresses.

College Football Betting

Like other major sporting events, college football betting attracts many Canadian sports fans. The long-running competition and the CFP National Title brings the biggest matchups every Saturday of the NCAA football season. For virtually every game, college football odds are available at Canadian betting sites, from minor institutions to the most legendary.

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