ITV Tipping Point viewers surprised as Ben Shephard describes pole dancing experience

Tipping Point viewers were surprised to learn that presenter Ben Shephard had pole dancing experience. The broadcaster, 47, described the “incredible” benefits of the sport on Wednesday’s episode of the ITV game show.

Speaking to candidate Yvonne from Buckinghamshire, Shephard asked her about her job as a postwoman and praised her for delivering mail in all weather conditions. He added: “It’s not just what you do to keep fit – because I imagine being a postman keeps you fit – but you also enjoy pole dancing.

“I’ve tried it in the past,” he continued. “It’s amazing for your heart.”

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Shephard has a degree in Dance, Drama and Theater Arts from the University of Birmingham and was previously filmed pole dancing with Australian singer Dannii Minogue in 2002. But viewers who were unaware of his career before the broadcast were quick to express their surprise on social media.

David Wilding took to Twitter and said, “Pole Dancing? Didn’t see that coming!” Meanwhile, Arthur Summersell posted: “Pole dancer. Now there’s a picture.”

Dario commented: “POLE DANCING! REALLY #tippingpoint”. Robin Chapman added, “#TippingPoint Eyup @benshephard – pole dancing?”

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 3 p.m. on ITV.

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