ITV’s Tipping Point contestant in tears after risking it all in ‘cruel’ finale

A Tipping Point contestant risked it all by accepting host Ben Shephard’s offer of a swap on the final round of the ITV show. The daytime show, which was repeated this week, saw budding quiz Carol battling to win £10,000 after a ‘cruel’ final round. This particular episode of the ITV program first aired in 2021.

After seeing competition from her other three contestants, Carol’s final battle with the machine was far from simple. Viewers were on the edge of their seats as Carol tried to win the jackpot. Carol told Ben that taking a quiz was on his to-do list, along with “starting to age shamefully” and planning a trip to Colorado, USA.

Eager to fulfill her dreams of flying to the United States, Carol got to work planting the jackpot meter in drop zone three. Little did she know the round was going to be “one of the most tense” in Tipping Point history, according to Ben.

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The jackpot swung to the edge of dropzone three in Monday’s repeat of Tipping Point

By choosing to place her jackpot meter in dropzone three, Carol is off to a good start. Despite this, as her counters dwindled, the contestant’s chance of winning the jackpot also dwindled.

“Look how close it is!” Ben commented as Carol plunged one of her last counters into the machine. Unfortunately for her, the game ended and the jackpot counter didn’t seem to want to move. Offering the swap to Carol, Ben called the situation a “James Bond cliffhanger”.

But was luck on Carol’s side? The answer: yes. She accepted the exchange and eventually knocked off the jackpot counter and went home with £10,000.

Overwhelmed with victory, Carol broke down in tears as she told Ben her dream trip to the United States was on the cards: “I’m going to do number three on my to-do list and that’s going to Colorado. “

The fate of Carol’s Tipping Point has been hailed by viewers on social media. @Batman3983 wrote on Twitter: “Constantly shitty timing, amazing guesses and games with different drop zones… Well done Carol!”

@coll_wild commented: ‘Best winner ever’ as Carol hit the jackpot.

@hkirkby69 said, “Well done Carol. You deserved it.”

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV

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