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Ahead of the SBC Summit in Barcelona this week, Betopia is today announcing details of a new partnership with single-step multi-factor authentication (MFA) provider, MIRACL, with the aim of providing even smoother login experiences. to their online customers.

Betopia is the premier blockchain betting platform for live E-Sports streaming and micro betting, international sports betting and integrated Metaverse casino operations. With a focus on creating the best experience for its customers through a fair and entertaining user experience, it helps mass markets embrace crypto in the ever-changing gaming industry. With user experience at the forefront, partnering with MIRACL is a no-brainer.

MIRACL is the world’s only single-step multi-factor authentication. A two-second PIN code connection is enough to authenticate. No password. No data and no second device. With unprecedented statistics for connections – 99.9% successful. This ensures a seamless login experience for individuals betting – allowing for a frictionless experience of entering a platform and placing the bet. Combined with Betopia’s drive to establish itself as the ultimate blockchain betting platform, their great partnership will create a near-perfect environment and the best gaming experience for the user.

As New Jersey law in the United States mandates gaming companies to use MFA on their platforms, this is a guideline that is expected to spread throughout the gaming industry. So, this new partnership from Betopia will ensure that it is well placed as this trend spreads globally.

Graham Martin, Director of Betopia comments: “It was clear that the combined talents of Betopia and MIRACL to collaborate on the development of Betopia Metaverse is a powerful partnership. By using the unique products and services available from Betopia and by using the fastest and most secure passwordless authentication service provided by MIRACL, we are confident that we will experience solid and innovative progress in the development of mutual benefits for both companies.

Rob Griffin, CEO of MIRACL adds, “Our single-step multi-factor authentication is the perfect solution for gaming and gaming platforms – customers aren’t lost at the critical entry point, meaning as many bets are placed as possible, not lost to competitors.In this competitive market, every bet counts, so ensuring you are using the smoothest connection is essential to maximizing your business potential.

Our partnership with Betopia makes perfect sense and we look forward to working closely with the team to ensure that MIRACL can be integrated into as many gaming and betting platforms as possible.

Additionally, MIRACL is software-based and API-compatible to operate from any device or browser. This means fast and seamless integration with any device or platform you use. The software does not store personal data, passwords or PIN codes, so it is completely resistant to remote attacks – without any security flaws. The old idea that logging into your account should be either quick and easy or secure is no longer true, MIRACL offers both at the same time! For more information about MIRACL, visit: www.miracl.com

Betopia will continue to partner with projects and solutions that add value to their users. Putting users first results in the best possible product and ecosystem – an ongoing priority.

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