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Tricia Livesey, 57, sent the message to her sister Catherine Riding as her son Lee Tipping, 37, got angry and screamed about a broken door in the house. Tipping picked up a knife on the landing and hacked at his parents in a merciless frenzy, inflicting 131 wounds on his father Anthony’s body and at least 153 stab wounds and gashes on his mother’s frail six-stone body.

Tricia and Anthony, 60, had just returned from the pub for drinks with Catherine and her husband Martin, where a worried Tricia had told her brother she didn’t want to go home for fear of her only son’s behaviour.

Catherine offered Tricia a bed for the night but she refused, Lancs Live reports.

Tricia, who was a childminder, texted Catherine to say she was home safe and then sent another message describing Tipping’s behavior and asking for help.

Tipping was jailed for life last week after a jury at Preston Crown Court found him guilty of two counts of murder.

Condemning Ill Tipping, Honorary Justice Goose said: “You took no medication in August and September and could see your mental health declining. Your mother suspected that you had stopped taking your medication.

“On November 19, your parents came home at 11 p.m. There had been an argument about a broken door and you picked up a knife.

“I’m sure the knife wasn’t picked up by your father but by you.

“The violence was savage and extreme.

“When your mother tried to intervene, you turned against her. It is particularly disturbing that after the death of the two, you inflicted further violence.”

When Tricia failed to show up for her usual Saturday lunch with her mother Cecilia and her sisters on November 20, 2021 – the day after the stabbings – her family raised the alarm.

Police attended the home in Higher Walton, Lancashire, to find the lifeless bodies of Anthony and Tricia upstairs – but their son was nowhere to be found.

After stabbing his parents to death, Tipping washed the knife and placed it in his father’s hand to make it look like he was the attacker. He drove to Liverpool airport aiming to leave the country, but realizing he didn’t have his Covid pass, he returned home and stepped over his mother’s body to retrieve his laptop , before departing for Manchester Airport.

When he saw armed police at the airport, he took a taxi to Manchester city center but was stopped trying to book into a Premier Inn. Lee told armed officers that his father had attacked him, so he took the knife from him and stabbed him to death.

It was the start of a web of lies told by the paranoid killer, as he tried to portray himself as the victim. Throughout the trial at Preston Crown Court, Lee Tipping built an image of self-pity.

The court heard the jobless loner developed a mental health problem as a teenager and spent time as an inpatient in a psychiatric unit on two separate occasions.

His health deteriorated when he stopped taking his medication in March 2020, the court heard.

Anthony’s brother Stuart said: “Tip and Tricia were so proud of their son, Lee, they protected him throughout his life. Lee was really the center of their world, he couldn’t do bad. When Lee was 22, he went to Burnley to live in assisted living, even then his parents did not get their lives back. They worried about him every day. They were so worried about Lee that they brought him home against professional advice. They were just trying to be the best parents they could be.

“We always feared that Lee would take over Tip and Tricia’s life as they got older, but we never could have imagined that he would go all the way and kill the two people who loved him unconditionally. . “

Tipping claimed his father, who was a taxi driver, had bullied him all his life and made cruel taunts about his sanity.

Ironically, the defendant described Tip as “a psychopath”. He also claimed that Tricia neglected him and complained about taking ship’s money from him for sustenance.

Without a shred of remorse, Tipping told the jury that he “hacked and hacked” his parents with the knife. After the frenzy passed, he said he sat at the top of the stairs, thinking “why did this happen to me?”

When the foreman of the jury returned guilty verdicts on two counts of murder, he turned to family members, seated quietly in the public gallery, and shouted, “You have ruined my life. !

In a moving victim impact statement on behalf of the family, Stuart added: “One of the hardest parts of court was listening to the lies Lee spouted about my brother and Tricia. Tip n Wasn’t a bully, he loved his son and put him on a pedestal all his life, he wouldn’t let anyone say a bad word about Lee.

“My brother was the nucleus of our family, our reference person. Never there we went to him for advice or help. He did everything for our families and gave up what he did to help, whether you were a family member, friend, neighbor or even Lee.

“Similarly, the portrait Lee painted of his mother, Tricia, couldn’t be further from the truth. Lee allegedly tricked strangers into thinking his mother was neglecting him; Tricia loved Lee, he was her baby, her world.

“Tricia had the patience of a saint, she put up with behavior from Lee that no other mother would; Tip and Tricia had high hopes for their only son. We know that Tricia was always afraid that Lee would commit suicide, this thought Tricia was a fun, kind and generous person, she loved going out, she loved dancing and she loved her family.

“Tricia and Tip should have been able to retire and be happy, enjoy their homes, family and friends, they should have been able to enjoy their lives together. But because of Lee’s actions, they are not here. , their happy retirement has been taken away from them.

“The grief of dealing with our loss is great, but hearing the brutality and wickedness of Lee’s actions is unimaginable. In court, we heard the harsh lies he told about my brother and my step- sister, and our family and friends. Lee has no remorse for his actions for what he did.

“Through the story he concocted for the court, he showed us that he had a hateful and vengeful view of our family that fills us with fear not only for ourselves but also for future generations. Lee not only took away two beautiful people but showed that he threatened others.

“We worry about the future of our children and grandchildren, should he ever be free because we know he would not stop looking for them, threatening them or even harming them.

“After the tragic and totally devastating murder of my brother and sister-in-law by their son, Lee Tipping, myself and our families have really struggled to come to terms with this heartbreaking news. It’s hard to believe your own flesh and blood could do such an insidious act, it’s hard to put into words how we feel for Lee.

“Lee is our nephew, we hate him for what he did and we can’t forget he killed them and we’ll never forgive him for taking them from us.

“Every day I pass Tip and Tricia’s house when I walk my dogs. It is a lasting reminder that I lost two loved ones. My sister Trish still visits me often to keep the garden tidy. they are gone, we want to keep their home up to their standards as Tip and Tricia put so much love into it.”

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