Major fly spill incident avoided


Thousands of tonnes of waste destined to be illegally dumped at a warehouse in Liverpool have been prevented by a sting operation involving the City Council.

This major fly spill incident was averted by the Environment Agency and Liverpool City Council’s Neighborhood Services team, supported by the Joint Waste Crime Unit and Merseyside Police.

The joint operation revealed criminals broke into an empty warehouse in north Liverpool and bypassed the power supply to install a lighting system.

They had also created fake site billboards to suggest to the public that a legitimate waste management operation, including asbestos waste dumping, was being established.

Members of the public alerted local agencies to the site, allowing them to act quickly before any waste could be dumped.

Had the illegal dumping been authorized, the result would likely have resulted in significant environmental damage, including potential rat and fly infestations, affecting local residents. There would also have been significant costs to the public purse to clean up the site safely.

The investigation to identify those responsible for this incident is continuing.

Councilor Liam Robinson, Cabinet Member for Neighborhood Services, said: “I would like to thank those who alerted the authorities to this very serious fly spill incident, as they avoided a major environmental problem and saved the council a small fortune in customs clearance costs.

“The City Council has invested in CCTV to help catch tippers, but we can’t film everywhere so we need the public to be our eyes and ears as well. Given the budget savings the board needs to make, any tip we can prevent – ​​whether big or small – will make a huge difference to the services we’re trying to protect.

People can report flying tips to Liverpool Council online at:

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said:“We would like to thank members of the public who brought this case to our attention. Timely reporting has enabled us to stop significant environmental damage and save the public purse substantial cleanup costs.

“It is illegal to leave waste on public or private land that does not have an environmental permit or a registered waiver. That’s why we’re determined to make life tough for criminals who flout the law by disrupting and stopping their illegal activities. We will continue to work tirelessly to combat environmental crime and are committed to ensuring that appropriate environmental standards are met.

“We urge members of the public to help us by reporting what may be illegal litter activity, particularly when they see large vehicles carrying litter, during hours of darkness. Any concerns can be reported anonymously. to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”

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