Man engaged in online betting on IPL cricket matches arrested

The Indore Crime Branch arrested a person involved in online cricket betting on IPL matches who set up an online gambling website and distributed IDs to customers who were linked to his website.

Indore crime branch recovered laptop 6 cash mobile phones and details of rupess crores involved in satta cricket.

Police Commissioner Indore Harinarayan Chari Mishra, Additional Police Commissioner Rajesh Hingankar, DCPNimesh Agrawal and Additional DCP Guru Prashad Parashar oversee online cricket gambling and betting.

The crime branch police received a tip that in the airfield area at 35, Krishna Nagar’s online cricket betting racket is functional. The crime branch team and police team from Airfield Police Station raided the house where 35-year-old cricket bookmaker Narayan Nema, Shrikrihna Nagar Airfield was arrested.

The defendant admitted that he was involved in an online cricket betting racket and also accepted that he used to relay the cricket match 2 balls later than the actual match and therefore use to manipulate customers because a ball is very important in IPL 20 -20 matches.

It is to be noted that famous Mhow cricket bookmakers involved in IPL matches Subhash Goyal aka SubhashMhow (once a history leafter), Murli, TK aka Umakant, Dinesh Phool, Pavan Agrawal who sits in Dubai are players national level cricket match. who reside in Mhow and also operate from Badhwaha and Dhamnod and are linked with several major bookmakers from different cities in India and abroad. It is to be noted that The Pioneer in 2010 published all their names and after which Indore Police and former SP Satyendra Shukla arrested all the above cricket betting players and FIR Police registered against each of them in various sections, including computer heading.

Since then, no action has been taken against these cricket bookmakers. According to sources, these cricket bookmakers and their relatives are investing millions of rupees in buying acres of land and also several buying plots in various posh settlements of Mhow and Indore.

Newly arrived ASP Mhow Sashikant Kankane told The Pioneer that they are collecting details of all these Mhow cricket bookmakers for future action.

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