Money-line strategies to find favorable spreads

As you delve deeper into the challenges and joys of sports betting, you will find that it helps to develop an instinct for online pricing. Even if you prefer not to bet cash lines on individual games, knowing the typical ranges will help you recognize smart bets on other types of offers.

Some examples:

Parlay bets using cash lines rather than point spreads are becoming more and more popular day by day. You can set short or long term investment strategies by connecting the money line prices to an online betting calculator (like the one we have on If you’re like many gamblers, you’ve probably experienced them in the NCAA tournament before.

You can use money lines to project the returns of what VSiN has called “sliding parlays,” where instead of betting teams on the futures board, you keep taking them to directly win game by game. . If you reinvest all of your return each time, your return will be much higher than the term payments. Parlay’s calculators are also invaluable for this. You will find this approach very useful when the updated futures prices for the Sweet 16 are posted.

Playoff prizes in the NBA and NHL playoffs are popular betting attractions. Studying play-by-play cash lines can help you assess whether the prices of the complete sets correctly reflect the true percentages. These will soon be on your radar.

Football continues to see a growing interest in proposals for regular season NFL wins. If you can make reasonable guesses for the point spreads over the season for your favorite team, you can turn them into silver line equivalents and then percentages to win each game (a -200 favorite will win both. third of the time, will lose one This is how the sharps prepare in advance to be able to attack the opening numbers as soon as they go up.

As a lifelong sports fan you probably have a very strong instinct for point spreads. When you go through them each day before making your bets, spend some time looking at the corresponding money lines. VSiN compiled a quick chart for the 1-10 point spreads based on NCAA tournament first round prizes:

Favorite -1 -115 +105
Favorite -2 -130 +110
Favorite -3 -160 +140
Favorite -4 -200 +170
Favorite -5 -220 +180
Favorite -6 -280 +240
Favorite -7 -330 +250
Favorite -8 -400 +320
Favorite -9 -500 +400
Favorite -10 -600 +425

From now on, these will not be synchronized on all betting sites. Different companies use different levels of vigor at higher numbers. And, the money lines are a “separate” market from the point spreads, so you’ll see game-to-play variations. Generally speaking, these will help you get the job done.

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