NBA DFS Showdown – The All-Star Game


The NBA All-Star Game is upon us. There were tons of bets to dig into with this weekend’s festivities, but the game itself is what we’re here for. If dabbling on the moneylines in a defenseless game isn’t exactly your thing, you’re in luck. We’ve got an NBA DFS lineup to watch for this weekend’s big game.

(NOTE: This NBA DFS lineup was pre-created. With the All-Star Game, always watch out for scratches leading to lineup lockouts.)


NBA All-Star Game Betting Guide

NBA DFS Picks for the All-Star Game – Showdown

CPT- DeMar DeRozan ($11,400) – LBJ

Going with someone a little lower on the NBA DFS salary list for your captain in this game is a smart move. It’s pretty clear that the majority of starters will log the big minutes, and if you spend big here, you’ll limit your ability to list a lot of them. DeRozan is a guy I like a little further down the list because he’s not just a scorer. He’s shown he can score big and hits a lot of big three-pointers, but also averages over five pennies and five boards. I could see him filling the stat sheet a bit and scoring a lot too – making him a solid sleeper captain.

UTL– Giannis Antetokounmpo ($9,800) – LBJ

Most people are going to be tempted to put Giannis as captain in NBA DFS rosters. Makes sense – he’s my pick for MVP, that’s why I have to have him in the roster. However, this tag is just a bit too high and when it gets multiplied for the top spot, it will cripple you a bit. So I say, put it in the queue, but don’t paralyze yourself.

UTL– Ja Morant ($8,200) – K.D.

Ja is the rising star of this year’s season, and what better place to showcase your rising star than the All-Star Game? When you’re assembling your NBA DFS lineups for such a weird event, it largely depends on who you think will get the minutes. Morant clearly fits the bill of someone the NBA wants to see constantly in the game. Plus, defenseless, he’ll be looking to throw some of those big dunks on a regular basis.

UTL– Trae young ($8,000) – K.D.

You might be tempted in this range to go after someone like Nikola Jokic. However, the All-Star Game is for shooters. Trae may not be getting the minutes he had before, but this is the type of game where he can just step up the shots. Additionally, in the 2020 All-Star Game, Young gave us a double-double with assists. So there’s a chance he could also spread the love while scoring, making him a sneaky NBA DFS play.

UTL– LaMelo Ball ($6,400) – K.D.

Much like Morant, I think Ball is a good candidate to record a lot of minutes. If you asked me which reserve would see a lot of burns, he might be one of my top picks. Doncic is there too, but his NBA DFS salary is way higher. I also think there’s a chance we’ll see Ball step in and throw 30 alley-oops. I will take these assist points as deep in my range.

UTL– Devin Booker ($5,600) – K.D.

I already mentioned that the All-Star Game is for shooters, right? If you want a shooter coming off the bench who can turn it on in about ten minutes, who better than Devin Booker? I don’t expect him to register big minutes, but his style fits perfectly with the style of play.

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