Online betting in the 2nd round of the election has increased by more than 30%, according to O Globo


It is not new to say that Brazil is one of the most attractive markets for the whole iGaming industry, because we have a people who are culturally passionate about gambling. Online betting, sports, bingo and lotteries are part of our daily lives, and in these 2022 elections we have had proof of the commitment of the Brazilian public in this segment.

According to the bookmakers quoted in the information published by O Globo, there was an increase of at least 30% in online betting during the second round of the elections, proving the potential that the national market has to become one of the most important in the world.

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Last Sunday, when Lula (PT) was elected President of Brazil, the average number of bets exceeded that of the first round by 32%, according to the platform. The increase was even greater at another online sports betting site, Esportes da Sorte, where it reached 43%. The search for investors was so numerous that the total number of offers was equivalent to an entire round of the Brasileirão, the main competition in Brazilian football which attracts a greater number of bettors.

According to Daniel Trajano, Commercial Director of Esportes da Sorte, the average value of bets on election day was about 16% higher than the previous two days. Moreover, on Sunday, the preference of the candidates was favorable to the victory of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL):

— I believe that the players chose Bolsonaro’s side largely because of the cost-benefit ratio. We were paying around R$1.40 for every real bet on Lula winning, and R$2.60 for Bolsonaro. While the most recent research indicated a technically even scenario, the cost-benefit ratio of betting on the current president has become more important – explained Trajano.

For Ricardo Bianco Rosada, marketing director of, the latest debate and the news that came out until the date of the election influenced the flow of bets:

— The stakes followed the polarization of polls and polls, virtually 50/50. We had a month between the first and the second round, the subject was very hot, which helps to increase the number of bets – he explained.

Another aspect that catches the attention of the marketing director is the presence of two different player profiles. On the one hand, there is the professional, who invests with a strategic vision. On the other, the enthusiast, who plays for the public.

According to Trajano, this year’s results are unprecedented, as Brazilians do not have a tradition of betting on political outcomes. However, the fierce numbers for 2022 may help change this reality: the trend is towards building a market, as it is already consolidated in places like the US and UK.

— The company has 5.5 million registered Brazilians, most of them website users. Interest in the presidential race has increased significantly, bringing us revenue four times higher than in the previous three weeks.

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