Police arrest 2 bookmakers for online betting on cricket match in Bhopal


Koh-e-Fiza Police arrested two bookies late Tuesday night for betting online on a Welcome Apartment cricket match and recovering half a dozen cell phones, a laptop and Rs 6000 in cash; Online IDs were used for bets which were found to be closed after their arrest, police said.

Police acted swiftly after receiving reports that online betting worth several thousand rupees were underway at the Welcome apartment and on the basis of information gathered by police on the defendants found in the process of to bet. Upon information, the police raided the apartment and arrested two accused identified as Manoj Bajaj and Dileep.

Several contacts were recovered from the house, which could help uncover the link behind the betting. Cell phones are said to be sought after as information regarding those involved in placing and accepting bets could be found. Police registered a case under the Gambling Act and opened a further investigation.

Meanwhile, Kotwali police have convicted a man of sexually exploiting a 32-year-old woman for the past nine years; The accused remained at large, police said. Police said the accused identified as Anshul Sharma was arrested after the victim filed a complaint against the accused for sexual exploitation over the past nine years under the pretext of marriage.

The victim in her complaint said that she met the accused and developed a relationship later, after which they stayed in a roommate and a few months ago the accused left the victim and married another girl, when the victim learned that she had filed a complaint.

The police registered a case under Articles 376 2 (N) and 506 IPC and caught the accused. Details of the accused and criminal records should be investigated as part of the follow-up investigation.

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