Reports of fly tipping are dwindling in Hartlepool – but is this a true reflection?

Hartlepool Borough Council bosses have highlighted the work of the multi-agency task force set up specifically to help tackle the fly-tipping for contributing to the decline.

Figures show that between January and March this year, 476 incidents were reported, down 37% from the same period in 2021, when 758 cases were recorded.

From October to December 2021, 363 cases were recorded, a 40% drop from the 609 incidents in 2020.

Fly dump items left in the Oakesway Industrial Estate of Hartlepool during the first national lockdown.

The last meeting of the board’s audit and governance committee on Thursday August 11 heard the figures reflect the positive work that has been going on in terms of reducing fly tipping in recent years.

Sylvia Pinkney, the council’s deputy director for regulatory services, said: ‘We have looked at our aggregate figures for the past three years and they show a general decline in fly discharge notifications.

“Although we had an increase in July 2020, that was largely attributed to the lockdown, and since then the numbers have been in a general downward trend, so that’s nice.”

She pointed out that the reporting mechanisms for registering fly-spill complaints have remained the same, meaning this will not have contributed to the decline in the number of incidents.

A previous example of landfill waste in Lime Crescent, Hartlepool.

The meeting also heard examples of how the multi-agency task force set up in relation to fly tipping is helping to resolve incidents.

Ms Pinkney added: ‘They are carrying out a series of activities related to things like the social media campaigns that have taken place recently.

“But they’ve also been working together on how they’re tackling persistent hotspots to try to take action to prevent fly-in discharges in those places.”

Councilor Rob Cook, chair of the audit and governance committee, said he was pleased to hear of the downward trend in incidents, while complaints from residents are expected to increase.

He said: “A comment that has been made by members of the public, our constituents, time and time again, is how inadequate our local tipping rules of procedure are with respect to online booking etc., and that flying tips have increased significantly. .”

He added: “It’s something we need to let people know to let them know that flying tips are actually down, we need to get that message across.”

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