Representative of the State of Tennessee. Offers Online Sports Betting Money Plan to Fund Schools | WJHL

(WJHL) – Tennessee State Representative David Hawk said he plans to focus on funding education in the coming year at the general assembly in Nashville.

Falcon said Bianca Marais from News Channel 11 He plans to propose a bill to use funds earned from online sports betting, which was legalized in Tennessee in November 2020, to fund school systems.

Hawk expects classrooms in Tennessee to be different when students return to in-person learning and it costs money.

“I’m going to try to take these dollars, 80% of those dollars, and turn them over to local governments to build K si 12 facilities,” Hawk said. “This is something that has never been tried before, so I will try to devote these funds.”

Falcon said Bianca Marais from News Channel 11 Tennessee online gambling has grossed $ 2.4 million in the first month of state lottery fund revenue since it became legal in November.

The lottery fund currently covers higher education projects, but Hawk said his constituents are urging him to help students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

“If there’s $ 25,000,000 going into online gambling through the state of Tennessee, just divide it by student,” Hawks said. “$ 25,000,000 would mean $ 25 per student would go back to school districts.”

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