SoftSwiss Sportsbook presents the CMS for online betting

SoftSwiss implements a content management system

SoftSwiss simplifies the process of managing websites launched on its sports betting platform by implementing a content management system. The CMS, developed especially for online sports betting projects, covers all specific requirements related to web sports betting portals and offers customers an additional instrument for brand customization.

These changes that previously required the work of a front-end developer now only take seconds. Namely, the novelty allows the operator to easily and quickly add or modify any type of content on his online sports betting website through a handy CMStool. The system made by the SoftSwiss Sportsbook team offers a wide range of functions such as:

  • Editing Licensing Information and Configuring Live Chats
  • Quick location
  • Strengthening of SEO promotion
  • Customization of user profile, header, left sidebar, footer and contact forms as well as many other useful features.

Another significant advantage of the Sportsbook CMS is coming soon. The content management system will be updated with the extended functionality for setting up and managing banners on the website. Operators will have the ability to target banners to the gaming audience, event, country, or any other characteristic that might be relevant to the brand at the moment.

“Our main task now is to make Sportsbook the most flexible solution for online betting. The launch of the CMS is another logical step towards this goal. This is not the last technical update for the near future. We are currently working on a feature that will make the Sportsbook immediately stand out from the competition,” noted Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner at SoftSwiss Sportsbook.

Earlier this month, the SoftSwiss Sportsbook team announced the launch of its new multi-brand back office. In addition to technical updates, the team is introducing a few new features including Hunting Tournaments and Lootbox bonuses as part of the online sports betting gamification plan.

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