Sports betting bill shouldn’t be rocket science –



I really enjoyed your Landmark Live with Scott Wedman. He was such a great player who could shoot and play great defense. It was great to hear about his NBA experiences. I remember seeing him jogging around my neighborhood when I lived in Independence many years ago.

I’m interested in listening to your next interview with the senator (Tony Luetkemeyer). I think he did a great job.

I would like to know if the sports game will pass this next session? I think a big part of the problem must be some of the egos involved. Another big deal is Denny Hoskins and his video lottery terminals he worries about. I think it should be easy to have a separate bill for sports betting and a separate bill for video lottery terminals.

They act like passing a sports betting bill is rocket science. Kansas made it so simple. They must pass it early in the session and not wait for the last 10 minutes.

I hope you can let the senator know that people in Missouri are frustrated and don’t like to travel to other states to bet on sports. It’s time to act, so the people of Missouri can have fun and possibly earn some money.

Thank you, Mr. Foley, for reading my rant. Keep up this good work.

      --Robert McElhone
        Kansas City

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