Study finds 56% of Singaporeans oppose online gambling, among highest in the world – IAG

Nearly six in 10 Singaporean adults oppose the idea of ​​legalizing online gambling, making it the fourth most opposed in the world according to a new study by the research and analytics technology firm data, YouGov.

The study, titled “Global Gambling 2022: The Consumer Perspective in the Gambling Debate”, found that 56% of Singaporeans believe online gambling should not be allowed, putting it well above above the world average of 46%. Only Spain (57%), India (57%) and China (56%) express greater or similar resistance.

YouGov said its report aims to explore how consumers of gambling products and those who do not participate think about gambling and its place in society. It covers 18 international markets and examines some key areas of the gambling debate, from the openness of sports and online betting opportunities to the issues that have emerged around gambling advertising, the position of lottery in the public consciousness, land games the place of gaming after the pandemic and the legitimacy of gaming.

Data around Singapore also revealed that older generations express greater opposition to online gambling with 68% of baby boomers opposed compared to 62% of Gen X, 44% of Gen Y and 45% of Gen Z.

Only 25% of respondents said current online gambling rules and regulations were too strict, with 40% disagreeing with this sentiment.

Among Gens, 28% of Gen Z and Gen X said the regulations were too strict.

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