The growth of online gambling in Africa

What is behind the growth of online gambling in Africa?

Due to a perfect storm of factors including advances in technology and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, online gambling is booming worldwide, with the industry generating a record $53 in revenue. billions of dollars in 2021. It has never been easier to access an abundance of quality online casino sites, but with the increasingly strict regulation of European standards and international gaming markets (including online casinos in the UK), places that were previously notorious for their relatively inhospitable approaches to legalized online casino gambling (such as Canada and some African countries) are opening up to fill the new gap. If you are an African player looking to find the best casino sites to play with, you might be spoiled for choice depending on your country of residence. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons for the rapid growth of online gambling on the African continent:

African players love casinos!

While much of the investment in the African online casino industry comes from offshore companies with the end goal of expanding on the continent, it should also be noted that a major reason for the growth of the market is the fact that sports betting, online gambling and casino games are extremely popular with many Africans. Residents of various African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Malawi are especially known for their love of betting. Given this natural affinity with gambling, it seems only natural that the growth of Africa’s online casino industry has been propelled in part by amateur casino gamblers who reside on the continent.

Responsible Gambling Best Practices

The influx of new online casinos in African countries such as Malawi has led many responsible gambling regulators and advocates to increase their visible responsible gambling strategies. As stipulated by the Malawi Gaming Board, it is essential that players never use online casinos as their main source of income. Playing your favorite online casino games should be fun, fulfilling and entertaining, not about financial gain.

If you feel like the fun has come to an end when it comes to responsible gambling online, it might be time to quit or take a well-deserved break. With widely practiced responsible gambling serving as a key indicator of the development and success of any regulated online casino market, the rise of regulated responsible gambling in countries across the continent could be another key reason why offshore operators have been inclined to diversify in Africa in recent years.

Online Gambling Regulation in Africa

Gradual changes to the notoriously complex gambling regulatory system have also had an effect on the growth of the online gambling industry, but the African continent can still be a bit of a regulatory minefield, depending on the country concerned – for example, Tanzania has always taken a much more liberal regulatory stance towards gambling than many of its neighbours. Because Africa is a vast continent made up of 54 countries, things start to get complicated when you consider that each of these 54 jurisdictions may have their own rules and regulations related to online gambling. Generally speaking, players from many African countries can legally access and use offshore online gambling sites, while the legality of domestic operators often depends entirely on the rules of their specific country or region.

If you’re looking for the best online casinos SA has to offer, you’ll be happy to hear that many of the most popular game sites in the country are managed by national operators (as well as offshore). Some of the most popular iGaming site choices among South African players include PlayOJO Casino, Casino Tropez, Springbok Casino, Yeti Casino, and Genesis Casino. With the expansion of the online casino industry across the continent, it seems likely that the future of african online gambling will include a more standardized set of regulations that can be more easily applied to multiple countries or regions.

Effects of COVID-19

Since it was first officially declared a pandemic in March 2020, COVID-19 has had a dramatic effect on all aspects of our lives. While the pandemic-related shutdowns have been extremely damaging for some sectors (notably hospitality, nightlife and entertainment, and land-based retail), they have had almost the opposite effect on web-focused industries. such as gambling and online shopping.

It is believed that more people started gambling online during the shutdowns due to the fact that they were forced to stay at home, often accumulating more disposable income than usual despite the prevalence of furlough schemes. The cancellation of popular tournaments and live sporting events around the world has been another key boost for online gambling, as we are more than ever turning to virtual sports betting sites and sports betting to fill the void.

Although the negative effects of the pandemic require little explanation, it is certainly worth noting that the African online gambling market appears to have benefited from the lockdowns, perhaps more than any other emerging market in the world.

Economic growth on the African continent

With the peak of the pandemic well behind us, countries around the world have started lifting restrictions and trying to get back to normal. However, the initial worst-case economic crises have largely been averted or remedied in many African countries, with various economies thriving in the face of adversity. With an expected average GDP of 3% and a growing middle class with increasing levels of disposable income to spend as it pleases, Africa has experienced unprecedented economic growth despite the current turbulent climate.

Technological advances

Along with economic growth, advancements in technology have had an inevitably positive effect on the growing popularity of the online casino and sports betting industry, in Africa and indeed the rest of the world.

With more easily accessible broadband internet acting as the key element, more players in developing countries have been encouraged to start gambling online, while the rise of digital wallet providers and the recent Cryptocurrency boom have also been important factors behind industry growth.

While it’s now easier than ever to play and pay online, the online gaming experience is also becoming more and more immersive thanks to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse. With the rapid pace at which new technologies are developed and released, it is inevitable that there will be more “tech tricks up the sleeve” for the African online gambling industry to utilize in the years to come.

The Future of African Online Gambling

Based on the past two years, Africa’s online gambling industry is expected to continue to grow exponentially, along with its regional economy. As more and more foreign investors and casino and sportsbook operators establish offshore gambling services accessible to players on the continent, it seems very likely that we will also see more domestic operators embarking on the business. Especially as national legislation becomes more “gambling friendly” and less regulated in the region. If you are an online gamer based in Africa, the future looks very bright.

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