The province of Cordoba selects eight companies to operate online betting

The Córdoba Lottery announced a public tender this year for up to 10 licenses to operate online betting. Although the Argentine province could approve 10 companies, it decided to go ahead with only eight, as Betway and Skill On Net were excluded from the process for various reasons.

The Bid Evaluation Commission initially pushed back the date for submitting bids and opening envelopes from August 5 to August 19, when it was announced that 10 companies had applied for permits, including:

  • Rush Street Interactive and Atlántica de juegos;
  • Online Córdoba Betsson Malta Holding Limited and Victoria Casino;
  • Concessionaria de Entretenimientos y Turismo and Daruma Sam;
  • Binbaires, Ondiss and Intralot International Limited;
  • Betway and Picapertor online;
  • Impresora Internacional de Valores;
  • Iberargen;
  • Boldt and SG Digital;
  • slot machines ;
  • Biyemas and Skill On Net.

While a joint venture was not necessary for domestic companies that wanted the license, it was necessary for international companies. In this case, the groups had to demonstrate a specific amount in total turnover and equity.

Based on the assessment of compliance with the appeal requirements, it was determined that Biyemas and Skill On Net did not meet the minimum amount of net worth for at least one of the parties.

In the case of Betway and Picapertor Online, the companies did not comply with the obligation to present original documents and copies in Spanish, since, according to the initial resolution, the presentation was made “in draft format with comments and in English “.

After having disqualified these two offers, the Committee decided to pre-grant to the rest of the companies “the license for the organization, exploration and development of the online betting activity in its different modalities, through electronic processes , computerized, telecommunications or any other process”. interactive procedure to be developed in the Province of Córdoba”.

Expectations around online betting in Cordoba

According to councilor Juan Pablo Quinteros, the province could generate 16.12 billion pesos a year, or about $112 million.

Online betting activity in Cordoba could represent around 16 billion pesos, the city of Cordoba with half of the estimated bets would collect around 600 million pesos,” said Quinteros, who compared the Cordoba market to that of the city. from Buenos Aires.

However, the type of games they will offer has not yet been announced. In May, José Alonso, deputy director of Loteria’s legal department, clarified that the settlement envisages “attracting new games or others that are already on platforms to be operated online, such as lottery games, casino games, sports betting and the like”.

Some of the requirements

To participate, companies had to establish a special address and email address in the province, as had been specified in various regulations in other local provinces. In the case of international companies, they could only present themselves through a transitional Union with a national company, whose participation could not be less than 15%.

One of the most relevant points of the process is that the experience of the candidates as online betting operators in Argentina and abroad is taken into account, having to prove it with the qualifications of each jurisdiction.

In addition, they had to include a copy of the contracts concluded with all the suppliers who would be involved in the development or operation of the online games. In the absence of an existing contract, candidates had to name those with whom they were negotiating.

Another requirement was to submit a proposal for promotion, advertising and sponsorship during the first three months after obtaining a license.

“It should be clear what types of media will be used, detailing the percentage of space to occupy in each one. This proposal may be accompanied by the presentation of an advertising campaign carried out in another jurisdiction or country, in the last year, where the applicant has the corresponding license, as a precise sample of how this activity will be carried out” , detail the general requirements.

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