Tipping on iPads is a lively conversation on TikTok

“He’s going to ask you some questions…”

Viral TikToker @eyeout4selen3r recently started a huge conversation about iPad tipping after sharing his recent experience picking up his takeout order. In his video, he says, “Not to sound like a total hater, but really, what’s going on with all that tipping stuff on the iPad? Like, it’s got so out of control it’s almost laughable.”

“OK, the other day I ordered some food. I ordered it online, went to the website, put what I wanted, sent the order, then I got in my car to get her card to pay for my food; she puts it in, whatever.”

“Then all of a sudden she’s spinning this iPad. I get whiplash, and she’s like, ‘Do you want to tip?’ Girlfriend, what for? What did you do? No, I’m actually going to return this thing to you. I will take a tip, 20% thank you. And when you’re done, get me a shirt. I point because at this point, I am really more of an employee of this establishment than you and I would like to be paid”, he concluded in his TikTok.

Well, @eyeout4selen3r’s thoughts on iPad tipping brought TikTokers straight to the comments section.

People started sharing their own experiences that they didn’t think deserved a tip.

And some people feel they have to tip they or they did.

Tips are requested at the automatic cash registers.

And tips are even required at pet stores where employees don’t help you with your items.

Many people are upset that the tipping percentage often exceeds 25%.

And feeling obligated to tip is frustrating for some.

Many people think they’d like to tip right after they’ve experienced good service rather than before.

People know that the prices of items are already high enough, so tipping without extra services is ridiculous for them.

More and more places are adding a service charge on top of tips, and people are unhappy about it.

Some people have drawn a line for when and where they’ll leave an iPad tip.

The most frustrating aspect people have shared is when they tip but it doesn’t seem appreciated.

However, the other side of this debate is very important…

Because many people were quick to point out that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that warrants tipping.

These workers do a lot, even if you don’t realize it.

And any small tip helps when their salary is less than it should be.

Cashiers sometimes have to use money from their salary to pay for the kitchen.

And, all around, advice helps all employees.

But the big picture is that companies rely on you for not paying their workers.

Finally, since COVID, fewer people are working, so tipping those who are working is important.

So if you work somewhere that rocks the iPad, share your views in the comments!

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