Tipping Point fans are hysterical as player makes huge geographical mistake


TIPPING Point fans were left laughing hysterically after a contestant made a massive geographical blunder on the show.

The player, called John, was asked which British country crosses the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal – and he replied “Birmingham”.


Tipping Point candidate John called Birmingham a ‘country’
Host Ben Shephard couldn't believe his ears


Host Ben Shephard couldn’t believe his ears

Tipping Point host Ben Shephard then shouted, “England!”

Viewers of the ITV1 game show laughed at the big gaffe and quickly shared their amusement online.

One tweeted: “Grab your passports for a vacation in the exotic land of Birmingham!”

A second thought: “Birmingham this huge country!”

Ben Shephard teases unlikely career move amid Tipping Point
Tipping Point fans are all saying the same thing as the contestant makes an epic blunder

And a third chimed in: “Ah yes, that country well known in the UK, Birmingham!”

Someone else even said, “Birmingham is a CITY!”

Later in the program, John told Ben that he was a clinical support worker. He also repairs musical instruments in his spare time.

John didn’t make it all the way to the end but took home £1,150 as the episode’s runner-up.

“I enjoyed being here today,” he said.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Ben teased a career move during another episode of Tipping Point.

Ben posed a question to the two remaining contestants in the second half of the show, which read, “In 2013, which reality star launched an aftershave called Fusey?”

Completely distraught, contestant Graham replied, “Ben Shephard.”

After the contestant responded with the host’s name, Ben smiled cheekily at the camera before saying he’d like to launch his own aftershave.

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He said: “I’d like to launch a line of my own aftershaves, fragrances and musks,” before adding, “I think that would go really well.”

The correct answer was former Towie star Joey Essex.

Tipping Point continues weekdays, 5pm, ITV1

John walked away with £1,150 and was the episode's runner-up


John walked away with £1,150 and was the episode’s runner-up

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