Tipping Point fans seriously distracted by the ‘foxy’ redhead appearance – but can you figure out why?


TIPPING Point viewers swooned as a glamorous contestant attempted to win big on the game show.

Ben Shephard was back to host the ITV show as a new group of hopefuls went for the jackpot.


Jess wowed fans on Tipping Point1 credit
She put in an impressive performance


She put in an impressive performance1 credit

Fans of the series have been wowed by a stunning red head, with some even comparing the player to a Disney princess.

Viewers found themselves comparing contestant Jess to the Disney character Merida from the movie Brave.

Jess had a striking look as her bright red curly locks flowed below her shoulders.

One blown away fan wrote online, “Jess is pretty yummy.”

Tipping Point's Ben Shephard raises concerns with his appearance
Tipping Point Viewers

Another said: “Jess kinda reminds me of Merida from Brave.”

Another observer agreed, adding, “Jess really rocks this Merida look! Spitting image!”

Many other viewers shared a series of memes and images of the popular children’s character side by side with ITV’s hopeful.

She had the looks and the smarts as she topped the schedule against fellow countrymen Zaheed and Gill.

Zaheed was the first to fall after putting in an unsatisfactory performance.

Jess managed to pocket a whopping £2150, well ahead of Gill who scored £1150 as they progressed to the final round.

It comes after a recent competitor also put in an impressive performance ahead of the competition.

During the first round, Andrew took the lead after a number of successful drops, winning almost £3,000.

But his teammates, Nikki and David didn’t perform as well as him and ended up failing.

Fans of the show quickly realized Andrew had luck on his side and took to Twitter to say, “We might as well go straight to the finale now.”

Tipping Point airs at 4pm weekdays on ITV.

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