Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard breaks silence on game-changing conspiracy theory about show machine

BEN Shephard has finally broken his silence on a huge fan theory about Tipping Point.

The TV host, 47, excited viewers after one particular celebrity episode brought up the ‘conspiracy theory’.


Lucy Pargeter, Joe Marler and Sara Pascoe appeared in the episode
Lucy asked Ben about a popular conspiracy theory about the show


Lucy asked Ben about a popular conspiracy theory about the show

Sunday’s episode of Tipping Point: Lucky Stars saw soap opera actress Lucy Pargeter appear on the show.

The Emmerdale star was joined by rugby legend Joe Marler and comedian Sara Pascoe.

On July 10, the pre-recorded episode aired and Lucy struggled to get started.

After one of the counter-falls didn’t go her way, Lucy joked that the massive arcade-style machine wasn’t working properly.

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She said to Ben: “[There was] someone with a magnet behind it turning it that way.”

Ben immediately responded by saying, ‘Don’t talk about the magnet’, adding that ‘conspiracy theorists love a magnet’.

They both laughed when Lucy said, “I love a conspiracy theory.”

The theory of a huge magnet controlling the fall is one that has been discussed by fans of the show for years.

Ben’s response to Lucy’s joke suggested he was well aware of the theory circulating online.

Fans of the show were thrilled that the host finally spoke about it.

They took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts.

One wrote: “An answer on magnets, finally!”

As one fan put it: “Ben says ‘there are no magnets'”.

Another added: “Lucy asks Ben for a ‘magnet’ lol.”

Despite Lucy’s slow start on the game show, she managed to get a decent amount of counters from the slot.

The actress racked up £3,600 in her prize pool but failed to clear the jackpot counter in the final round.

It meant she was faced with a decision, risk a trade or walk away with the money to donate to charity.

Lucy took the money saying, “I don’t [the trade]I take the money”.

Tipping Point airs weekdays from 4pm on ITV.

Lucy Pargeter joked about the existence of a magnet


Lucy Pargeter joked about the existence of a magnet

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