Tipping Point’s question confirms fan suspicions about “old” episodes

A question has surfaced to confirm that Tipping Point is airing episodes filmed some time ago, amid fan speculation over the show’s format.

Ben Shephard was back on the ITV show with a new group of contestants hoping to win a big cash prize. One of today’s questions gave viewers an answer to something they had been discussing for some time.

As part of their 10th anniversary celebrations, the show has gone from four contestants to three in a bid to breathe new life into the format. Since then, the show has returned to its roots with four contestants, leaving viewers begging for answers on what to expect in the future.

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Despite appeals online, there was no clear indication of how the show was moving, but many assumed they were just being shown old episodes. As the debates erupted, some old, concluded episodes that never aired on screen were aired that were technically “new,” but a question finally surfaced today to end the debate.

Ben asked one of the contestants what the next leap year would be. They answered “2020”. Ben said that was okay, which signaled to many that Tipping Point currently relies on episodes that are at least two years old.

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