Tippy Launches New Online Tipping Platform During COVID-19 Pandemic


TIP >> FWD is a secure transaction and tips made online go directly to the salon professional’s (or other service provider’s) bank account along with an encouraging message.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tippy realized they needed to roll out an online feature for their current customers and opened it up to any new salons or businesses that want to help support the employees who matter most. of their income on tips. Their aim is to offer TIPIT >> AV free to anyone who might benefit, including pet groomers, tattoo artists, and waiters, among other industries.

David Tashjian, partner at Tippy, says “these wonderful service professionals are at home wondering every day how they’re going to cover their rent / mortgage and support their family.” He followed up with a heartfelt blog post on Tippy’s website announcing the launch of TIPIT >> AV, stating “Let’s make lemonade from the lemons we received and use those moments to show our kids what’s really important in life… helping family and friends!”

Statistics :
Since launch Tuesday March 31, hundreds of trade show professionals have received more … than $ 40,000 in tips accompanied by thoughtful messages. Loyal customers who wished to accompany their stylists during this period tipped an average of $ 62, up from the average $ 17 by salon professional. There were even several generous tips from $ 500 more.

For more information, individuals in the tip industry and salon or store owners can visit www.meettippy.com and click on TIPIT >> FWD.

About Tippy
Tippy is a digital tip solution designed for salon industry professionals by industry professionals. Tippy’s disruptive technology offers a suite of tools that reduce processing costs for salon owners and improve tips for service providers, helping them meet and exceed their financial goals. Its digital rocking kiosk system is a unique business solution that strengthens financial stability in salons and spas across the country. For more information, visit MeetTippy.com.

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