Top 7 Unknown and Unexpected Facts About Online Betting


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Even if you are not interested in the world of gambling and lotteries, and have never bet on sports, you probably know that they represent around 40% of the total gambling market. .

According to the analysis and information resource, one in two people on the planet over the age of 18 have made bets on sporting and non-sporting events.

Do you know that bets on various sporting events began to be accepted thousands of years ago? In those ancient times, fans had their own favorites, on which they bet huge sums of money, trying to predict the outcome of certain competitions. It is quite understandable that even today bookmakers are extremely popular.

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However, let’s try to understand what we know about this hobby of many gamers? You can do this without much difficulty by reading the very interesting facts about the sport bet on ice hockeywhich will be presented below.

  1. First of all, it should be mentioned that the leading position in the betting industry is confidently occupied by the UK. It is worth noting that the first analogues of modern bookmakers began to actively work here centuries ago. This activity was rather profitable, since the annual turnover of these establishments reached several billion pounds! At the same time, the British liked to bet not at all on football, as they do today, but on the weather or boxing.
  2. Mysticism is a rather rare phenomenon in sports betting, but there is still an extraordinary case that deserves special attention. A simple worker – Mick Gibbs won $800,000, betting only 50 cents. The young man immediately guessed 15 correct results in an “express” and then safely received a well-deserved reward.
  3. There is no doubt that you have heard of the “end of the world” at least once, because this subject was actively discussed at the beginning of this century. Of course, the bookmakers couldn’t ignore the potential threat either. Some bookmakers bet that the year 2000 would be the last in human history, offering their customers huge odds. True, it is quite difficult to answer the question of who would pay the money to the winners, in the event of a correct result.
  4. It should also be noted that bookmakers never forget famous personalities. For example, when the musical compositions of American singer Britney Spears were extremely popular, betting enthusiasts often risked their money, hoping to get a big win if the performer suddenly became pregnant with one of her many fans. As a result, this did not happen, although the odds were estimated at 1 to 28!
  5. There have been quite a few ridiculous bets in the history of the betting industry, so gamblers have always had enough imagination. For example, once the bookmakers accepted bets that Elvis Presley would definitely shoot down a UFO with a shotgun blast, and then the “device” would fall directly into the lake with the Loch Ness monster and kill the reptile. Of course, the probability of such an event occurring is minimal – 1 in 15 million. However, not all of these are interesting facts that deserve your attention.
  6. One of the most unexpected victories was won by an amateur bettor from Norway, Thomas Savirson. The man decided to bet on the fact that Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez would certainly bite someone during a football match with the Italian national team. Seasoned fans, of course, remember that one of Barcelona’s leaders couldn’t hold back his aggression then. The victim was Italian Giorgio Chielini, who had bite marks on his shoulder. As a result, Mr. Savirson’s prediction turned out to be correct, resulting in the man getting a win – almost 6,000 crowns.
  7. As you know, advertising plays an important role in the development of every business, and bookmaking is certainly no exception. Thus, the most extraordinary advertising idea belongs to Sportingbet and footballer Niklas Bendtner. During one of the matches, the Danish striker scored a goal, then showed the fans the logo of the bookmaker’s office, which was depicted on his underpants. The marketing ploy was really successful, but the footballer himself was disqualified for his act.

The first and most interesting bets

Scientists know that the first predictions for sports were given in ancient Rome and Greece. References to betting can be seen in documents related to 17th and 18th century Britain and France.

Unusual sports bets that have gone down in world history:

  • Correct weather forecast in 13 cities. In 2010, shortly before Christmas, a certain Cliff Bryant visited bookmaker Ladbrokes and bet that it would snow in 13 towns in northern England during the holidays. His guess turned out to be correct: on Christmas Eve, it actually snowed in Britain’s colonies – for the first time in seven years. Because Bryant made an express bet (odds multiplication) and not a single bet, his winnings amounted to over 7 million pounds (about $11 million). But office staff only gave him 30 pounds, saying the fare had been accepted by the operator in error, and that ‘weather’ express trains are banned.
  • Elvis Presley vs. Aliens. One of the most ridiculous predictions in history is this: American singer Elvis Presley will shoot down a UFO. An alien ship will land in Loch Ness, killing its famous monster. The coefficient for this event, invented by the bookmaker William Hill, was 14,000,000. Much later – in 2017, one of the British offices began to offer guests a bet that the king of rock and roll, who died in 1977, is still alive in reality.
  • Horses race. What’s unique about horse racing betting? The ratio between the amount in dispute and the amount of winnings. In 1995 Ladbrokes paid out £210,000 in an event with the quote 3072887. The winner only bet 5p. By the multiplier triggered, this win is the biggest in history.

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