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Ok, so you live in Maryland – or visit there quite often – and you’re ready to bet some of your hard-earned cash when Maryland’s sports betting apps, maybe as early as next week.

So what are the likely online apps you’ll be able to use, and just as – if not more – important is what kinds of sports fans will be able to bet on and what kinds of bets will be offered in the old line state?

Let’s start with what should be the top 10 sites online that will start taking bets. These sites will all offer Maryland sports betting promo codes with welcome offers – some are already signing up bettors early, something we’ve seen in other states such as Ohio and Kansas.

  • Sportsbook Bar Stool
  • bet fred
  • BetMGM
  • betPARX
  • Bet Rivers
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • DraftKings
  • Sports betting fanatics
  • FanDuel
  • PointsBet

What sports can you bet on in Maryland online?

Obviously, sports fans are looking to bet on the three biggest sports of all, namely the NFL, college football, and college basketball. And unlike some states, like New York, New Jersey and Illinois, there are no restrictions on betting on in-state college teams.

But there are a plethora of other sports betting actions also available including NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL, MLS, MMA, Boxing, PGA/USGA/LIV Golf, Tennis, Soccer (in the US and worldwide, including the World Cup) NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1, cricket, as well as college-level events such as football, baseball, lacrosse, etc.

Bets will also be available during the Winter and Summer Olympics.

Types of Bets Available on Maryland Sports Betting Apps

There are all types of bets to be made. Here’s a quick primer on some of the most popular:

SILVER LINE: Without doubt the simplest bet of all. Try to predict the winning player or team; that’s it. You are placing a sum of money either on the favorite (which may mean you are betting more than what the final payout will be if the team wins; i.e. odds of -120 means you are betting $120 to win $100) or on the underdog (i.e. odds of +120, meaning you bet $100 to win $120).

POINT SPREADS: If you choose a team that is a 3.5 point underdog and they lose by three points or less, you have covered the spread and you have a winning bet! Sports betting “gives” points to the underdog or “takes” them from a favorite to even the odds, usually at -110 per side.

TALKS: Combine multiple bets into one larger bet. Each bet – known as a “leg” – must win. If part/part of a bet loses, your entry bet loses. Betting multiple bets in one increases the potential win and allows you to bet a smaller amount.

TOTALS: Try to guess if the actual total points won in a game will be above or below the predetermined total points line set by sports betting/

FUTURE: Make a bet/prediction on an event that will take place in the future, for example betting in September on the outcome of the Super Bowl in February. Other futures bets include player awards (like MVP) and championship winners.

PARIS PROP: Predict a specific event and what may happen, such as who will score first, if a team will make a fourth conversion or a decisive free throw, or if there will be a hole-in-one in a golf tournament. Considered one of the most fun bets available, as you can bet on teams or individual players and what they will or won’t do.

LIVE BETTING: Bets that take place after the match has started, with odds changing in real time. These can be prop bets or adjusted bets on the money line, spread or totals.

Responsible gaming

Always gamble responsibly. All licensed and legal operators in the United States have resources available to bettors, including instructional guides on how to spot gambling problems, links to support services and tools for self-help. exclude for a defined period of time. Assistance is available at National Problem Gambling Council, 1-800-PLAYER and American Addiction Centers. Be sure to only bet on gambling sites licensed and regulated by your state’s gaming regulator. This ensures that games are fair, bets are honored, customer funds are secure and there are legal protections for the consumer.

Veteran sportswriter Jerry Bonkowski has worked as a staff writer for a number of the biggest online publications/sites, including 15 years with USA Today, four years each for ESPN.com and Yahoo Sports, as well as nearly eight years with NBCSports .com. Although his main pace in recent years has been motorsports such as NASCAR, IndyCar and NHRA, he has also made his mark in other sports, including covering the Chicago Bulls’ six championships, Tiger Woods’ debut at the PGA, the 1985 Chicago Bears run to the Super Bowl and more. Follow him on Twitter @JerryBonkowski

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