UK gaming industry ‘strong appetite’ for digital ID claims 1 account

The UK gambling industry has “universally welcomed” digital ID to protect problem and at-risk gamblers, according to age verification and digital ID firm 1account.

Based on a consultation conducted by the company, which also provides know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) services, 100% of the stakeholders involved believed that linking the different accounts player wagering would be beneficial for all players.

The company cited Gambling Commission research which showed that UK online gamblers have, on average, three betting accounts.

Respondents, according to 1account, felt that digital ID linking multiple accounts would provide “invaluable insight” into player behavior, providing additional KYC benefits.

“Currently some individual operators provide tools for a player to see their net deposit position – their deposits minus withdrawals – which is the financial position of their gaming business,” said former William Hill CEO Ralph Topping, who now serves on the advisory board of 1account. .

“However, digital ID has the ability to overcome the challenge of players using multiple accounts, which can hide the true extent of a player’s financial situation.

“Having access to a consolidated view of their balances, transaction history and ultimately their net win or loss means these players can make more informed choices.”

The consultation took the form of face-to-face and written briefings with online and offline operators, as well as providers, regulators and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS ).

Topping added: “It is clear that there is a strong appetite for the use of digital ID in the gaming industry. It can protect regular, vulnerable or problematic players who hold player accounts on different operators. both online and offline and also help operators make responsible decisions on behalf of their customers.

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