Wales’ Tipping Point contestant has one of the luckiest first rounds in the show’s history

A contestant from Tipping Point in Wales had one of the luckiest first rounds in the show’s history. Customer service adviser Joe finished the first round with £1,750 and moved on to the next round on Tuesday May 10 on the popular ITV daytime edition of the show.

At the end of the round, it didn’t look like fellow contestants Pam and Mandip had a chance of catching Joe. As he put his first counter in the Tipping Point machine, he hoped “it wouldn’t be a runner”. And good news for Joe – it wasn’t and he put £400 in the bank.

The luck didn’t stop there for Joe as he thanked his compatriot Pam for “setting him up”. On his second counter, he added a whopping £450 to the bank.

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Welshman Joe had an amazing first lap on Tipping Point

Joe’s good fortune has not gone unnoticed on Twitter. “Joe is rinsing the machine,” said @Mofoman360.

Continue to ‘flush’ the machine, Joe’s luck continued and he added another £500 to the bank. But could he walk away from the first round with even more money?

@Stuart76384244 said: ‘If Joe gets those penalties it’s over #tippingpoint’

Quick on the buzzer, Joe managed to win the penalty pot counters. He finished the first round with a whopping £1750. It looks like luck is running in Joe’s family as his cousin apparently went on the show and won the £10,000 a few years ago. Unfortunately for Joe, his luck ran out in the final round but he walked away with £3,400 in good health.

Joe’s appearance came days after another Tipping Point contestant had people talking on Twitter – this time about his remarkable resemblance to Will from The Inbetweeners. Learn more about it here.

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